[Postgame Thread] South Carolina Defeats Clemson 31-30

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  1. Commies get to play the Giants, have a bye, then play the Giants again. Wicked

  2. Jeez, that's weird AF to see two games back to back against the same opponent on their schedule

  3. I've found myself using Shazam a lot during that show, for sure

  4. Does that actually work? Google assistant always just gives me the name of the show, talk about creepy accuracy I just need the song.

  5. I've been using Shazam for years, it makes s playlist on your Spotify account of all your songs for easy playlist adding too. Very convenient

  6. Thing is you can’t even really blame them. Great defense, “just a QB away”, years of bad QB play, of course they pull the trigger.

  7. Can't blame them, definitely a trying to win move.

  8. I love Hurts but I would not pay him 50MM

  9. The likability gap between him and Watson has to be the biggest drop off in NFL history.

  10. It's truly massive. I'm rooting for the Browns to lose but I want Brissett to succeed so I'm not that upset.

  11. It wasn’t close because of him. He was 8-29 for 99 yards and 57 yards were from one play.

  12. This was expected with them both being 7-3, still a shit ton of people

  13. He has crazy potential, just needs to work on his drops and mental errors like running lazy routes.

  14. Which is crazy considering the GB game is by far his best, statistically

  15. His rapport with Dak has come along nicely. He’s earning that 88.

  16. Meh, still needs work. Those picks in the GB and CHI games can't happen due to a miscommunication

  17. Bromance ended with Zeke, Jalen Hurts is my new boyfriend

  18. Did you see his phone background? Dak is Dak's Boyfriend

  19. This looks great, do you have any instructions?

  20. Wondering if I should return the Everyday Essentials I got for these?

  21. I bought the everyday essentials off Amazon for the same price. I haven't weighed then but I like them so far, like that they're blue too.

  22. I weighed the 4 I got and they are all within about 1% of 45.

  23. Good deal and I debated ordering 4 myself but only got 2. I've got another 255 lbs in weight, just non bumper

  24. Schultz’ blocking has directly affected at least 3 touchdowns this season.

  25. Positively or negatively? Guessing positive since they were TDs

  26. Negatively. He got pushed back almost into the handoff on a run play today. Free rushers have taken longer to get in the backfield.

  27. Gotcha, his blocking has never been great tbh

  28. Vikings beat bills: meh Vikings lose to cowboys: VIKINGS ARE TRASH LMAOOO WE ALL KNEW IT I TOLD YOU

  29. Well, the cowboys suck so the Vikings have to suck dontchaknow

  30. That is not true, plenty of Texans down here fighting the good fight for equality and minds

  31. I like how Dak called a lot of the plays at the line or even audibled out of an original play call on the fly. He was reading defenses at an high level Sunday. And his completion % was a mirror of that. imo this team, this year, has finally figured it out. Offense. Defense. And Special Teams. OBJ would just be the icing on the cake at this point.

  32. Dak is one of the best pre snap QBs in the league and has been for years

  33. We generally don’t have too many explosives like the Chiefs, Bills, Dolphins, etc. But the offense and Dak in general has been really good about being very efficient

  34. I remember early 2019 feeling like a high flying offense

  35. So I’m seriously confused, you basically gift wrapped a WR in his prime to the browns for pennies I’m guessing over money? But won’t OBJ cost you more? Wasn’t he looking for a Gallup offer at 30? What was the thought process because I’m so confused

  36. Cooper burned his good will here

  37. When Siemian gets killed behind our line this weekend and Peterman goes in I’m switching from beer to liquor

  38. It's Thanksgiving, start off with the good stuff my guy

  39. Your comment has inspired me to start with Busch light. I'll finish the few PBRs I have later.

  40. I'm starting my morning off with some pristine Bud Light Platinum

  41. You guys will make it far in playoffs this year. Your team is loaded. You can literally sit Zeke and let him rest for playoffs if you wanted too.

  42. The Cowboys win isn’t getting enough hype in my opinion

  43. It's one of the, if not the best win this season

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