Minneapolis 7/21/22

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  1. The first time I saw boobs. The 10th time. The 100th time. And even today.

  2. Hot take…. Jennifer Aniston. She’s a babe. Too 5 for sure…. But I don’t know man.

  3. I always like cooking her breakfast before she goes to work. She comes home at 3pm and I get back at 5am. The place is always tidy and her favorite chocolate bars are always stashed in the freezer.

  4. I’m totally straight, but I always wonder if my buddies dicks are bigger than mine.


  6. I’m a damn good cook. Awesome pet growing up living at grandmas! Got to learn!

  7. Going to stores. Always got a toy, now I always got a 40 dollar bill for kitty litter -_-

  8. When I saved Micheal Jordan from getting hit by a taxi in Minnesota. I’d tell you the whole story but you REALLY had to be there.

  9. Reps. Don’t worry how well others are doing around you. Study. YouTube and old fashioned books are the way to go! And don’t give up.

  10. God damn it. I remembered but then forgot reading you fucking question. Now I’ll never think of it again 😭

  11. I dunno… I was 4… probably went home and ate chicken nuggets. Mom might have mixed up my sprite with wine again though. I seriously don’t remember

  12. ChrisFix. A legend in the car community but the average joe who wants to save a bit of money or just be more knowledgeable about their cars could definitely learn a thing or two from him.

  13. I’ve actually watched his videos and I’ve learned a lot of good tips and tricks from him. The HumbleMechanic is damn good too!

  14. The experience. That’s all this is. You live to experience pain, anger, humiliation… so that when you find pleasure in something or happiness in someone it’s all that much better. Hence why you’ll never get the Good without the Bad. Take a second a realize how incredible it is that we can swim in a lake, listen to the birds chirp, get coffee and laugh with a friend. A lot of people die too young and never get to experience it. And some people die old and wish they could’ve experienced it another day. Life is magical if you stop and admire it.

  15. Is it worthy admiring alone. Loneliness gets too much for me

  16. It can be. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have many friends, I’m awkward in conversation face to face, and I’m MD Bipolar. Life isn’t easy to enjoy all the time. But I find that the days worth living were the ones I enjoyed what I did. Driving around with the windows down, get my favorite coffee, and jam music. Once you find that comfort in being with yourself….. I doubt anything can really keep you down :)

  17. Breaking Bad, no question. Brilliant from start to finish. Not a single bad episode.

  18. I can back this. I felt some parts dragged or some episodes were just to fill a slot for a week. Otherwise, amazing series!

  19. Even with the "filler" episodes there's nuances being constructed around the characters and the plot that enriches the story, and that's hard to do.

  20. Absolutely. I guess for me it was always a little anticlimactic after a large development in the plot. But that’s the fun of that show. You do not know what’s gonna happen next. Even if you guess correct, it doesn’t go the way you think. It was beautifully constructed all around!

  21. Pretend I was sick, grandma would take my temp after I asked for lemon tea. Ask for a wet towel for my head, she would leave, put the thermometer in the tea for a bit, back under the tongue when the water went off, she’d come back and I’d always be burning up lol. Play GTA 3, THPS 3, and eat cereal till dad came home!

  22. BLACKROCK, vanguard, politicians, and other large corporations are working on the great reset. Effectively just making us renters who won’t control what we can drive, where we can live, and what we can eat, essentially turning us all cattle guided to the slaughter.

  23. Me neither, so I’m interested in what they’ll do about that.

  24. Must not be vegans if their throwing eggs. Don’t know why that’s the first thing that came to mind lol

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