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  1. These also look WAY newer and cooler than the trucks we have in my city. In Sasebo I've only seen the firetruck they have on Hario Base and I'm pretty sure that is an imported US truck because there is no way it would fit down a lot of the streets we have here! My volunteer group is supposed to get a new truck sometime soon as I understand it. I hope it's as nice and shiny as these :)

  2. So, funny story, I'm pretty sure the van to the side of the Isuzu in the first pic is an ambo, those usually come in white with a red stripe. It does seem more like a retrofitted HiAce than an actual Himedic, judging by the model of the red light on the rear side.

  3. But which wizard cards do you find in them? I've got 3 Dumbledore's, but I still haven't managed to get a Merlin!

  4. What time did they launch? I think I actually saw the tail end of it from Japan! I saw something bright moving upward and an expanding plume behind it. It would have been just after 6PM here. I got a bad picture of what we left after the light faded, but I think it has to be this!

  5. Literally each vegetable is individually wrapped here. Daikon, radishes, bananas

  6. Depends on the place I guess. I've never seen whole veggies wrapped like that here in Fukuoka. Only cut veggies like a half head of cabbage get wrapped.

  7. The Michi No Eki in my area don't show pictures, just the person's name that grew the produce.

  8. When I go to the US there are a few things that stand out. Some things Canada does better, some things the US does better.

  9. If you visited only lakes with an area greater than 3 square kilometers, 1 a day would take you 87 years.

  10. Am I wrong or did she yell "OH FUCK!" as she hit the mascot the the mic?

  11. Mami is a girl's name in Japanese. I had a friend who refused to date any woman named Mami because he never wanted to call out a woman's name that was so close to Mommy at an intimate moment.

  12. u is pronounced oo as in moon in Japanese.

  13. You are in a family of African apes. Living on a planet the size of an atom in a vast universe. Just the chance to live and to see this is winning the hugest most wonderful lottery ever!!!!!!! Does that not make you want to go back outside and look up one more time before bed?

  14. I would but we have a typhoon inbound and the weather is crap so there really isn't much to see outside right now!

  15. I was raised Christian too, and I remember the feeling of fear. Even years after I stopped believing I felt a twinge of fear/guilt when I would say anything like "There is no god". It took quite a while for that to fade because, but it will fade with time. The stuff you're fed as a kid is the deepest rooted, and often the hardest to shift. Take your time. Put some distance between you and the church so you can figure out what you really believe/want. You might decide you still believe, or you might decide you don't, but you won't be able to really think about what you want if you are constantly being bombarded by religious messages.

  16. There was a recent question sent into DHAJ that spawned the term "crabulous".

  17. I tried going to crabulo.us before looking in the credits and finding this handy link, and mistyped it and got directed to a site that tried to infect my computer with something. So be careful, there is a similarly named site set up with evil intentions.

  18. I have got to stop reading things on Reddit when I'm sleepy. The first time I read that as "Cool Bedmate"

  19. I went into a Second hand shop near my mother in law's place to look around. Just me and the owner's wife in there at the time, then the husband came in too. A couple months later the owner and his wife were arrested for murdering several family members and neighbors. I don't know the details but the shop owners were killing people to get their money to get out of financial difficulties somehow. For a while the police thought they'd killed their junior high school aged daughter too, but it turned out she was estranged from her parents and living safely with friends. Just kinda got a chill down my back when I realized I was alone with two murderers for a couple minutes, even though I was pretty safe because there was no way they would have been able to profit off killing me. So don't believe it when someone tells you Japan is a safe country! It is safer than many other countries, but bad things happen here too just like anywhere else!

  20. Root beer tastes like medicine to a lot of people in the UK too. I tried it once as a teenager to see what all the American hype was about and it tasted like I was drinking excessively sugary, carbonated Dettol. I've not known anyone here who's liked it except my mother but she's not from the UK. It's a very weird drink.

  21. I've only heard of Dettol because of a Billy Connolly routine. If it tastes like Root Beer it can't be that bad! :)

  22. The queen was visiting a a Scottish military hospital...Let's see if I can find the video on YouTube......

  23. I couldn't help myself :) A flag had to be made!

  24. Don't worry I'm not gonna ask you do give me credit. Looks good

  25. Didn't even think of it! I should have. This is the only place I've posted a link to it. I doubt it'll spread much. But I will put your Reddit username in the Imgur description if I can.

  26. Axl Rose. Can't stand the way he screeches. My brother liked GNR when we were younger and I always dreaded him turning that crap on!

  27. We have a sort of similar competition here in Japan where I live for us volunteer fire fighters (Shobodan). I have to assume it's all of Japan and not just in my prefecture. I'm not really clear on how it's scored though. It's maybe partially about time, and maybe partially on form. I have videos on my YouTube channel if anyone wants to see. I'm not going to self advertise and post a link here unless someone actually wants to see it.

  28. I read this quickly at first and I thought an aggressive Fox News reporter had bitten a congressman!

  29. I'd say No it's not A fossil, it's a whole whack of fossils!

  30. I actually got interested enough to try the math. Not sure if I got it right. There is rounding of course. So I took the radius of the earth in km, worked out the volume(1.083211012), added 8.848km for the height of Everest, calculated the volume (1.087731012) and subtracted the two giving 4.52109 cubic kilometers of water. If I calculated correctly that is 4.43866521018 metric tons of water, which is only 0.0743246% of the Earth's current mass. I may have gotten something wrong. I had too look up tons per cubic meter of water, multiply by cubic meters in a cubic kilometer and multiply that by the volume of water I got. I actually had to do this all twice since I used the diameter instead of the radius to calculate volumes the first time. Oops!

  31. They went to all the trouble to change "In all thy sons command" to "In all of us command" to make it non sexist, but they still left in "god keep our land"! I like the suggestion of "And keep our land" or I was thinking of "We'll keep our land, glorious and free!" Either one is better than appeals to the sky daddy.

  32. I had one guy tell me that even if I was an atheist I was morally obligated to raise my children in the christian church and let them decide for themselves weather they believed of not when they became adults.

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