1. That title proved me you havent been playing indie games cus ive seen many great games with similar design

  2. https://game8.co/games/Monster-Hunter-Rise/archives/315899

  3. The button layout for switch, xbox and ps all have the same layout just different buttons for them, so just look for switch guides.

  4. What's the name of the main guy from Crysis ? I feel like he'd fit more.

  5. Extremely. Definitely the hardest fight I’ve had in Sunbreak so far. Super fun fight tho. I got lucky and got large gold crown on my first hunt and two mantles and two gems.

  6. Which console you playing? I can try to tell you.

  7. Okay so Switch controller to PS5 (or at least what I know about PS):

  8. I mean, someone check me on this, but isn't that Magneto's ability? Dudes dones some spltupidly insane things.

  9. Wall running and Wire bugs are the best thing to happen to Monster Hunter. A much needed addition to spice up combat and mobility.

  10. Evade Extender on Everything. As an insect glaive user, I have become Legiana.

  11. I know the lack of "new" stuff seems underwhelming, but a slew of balance changes and a new mode seem perfect for the game. Fingers crossed whatever meta shift we see is healthier for the game then our current one.

  12. It just feels kinda underwhelming if this is supposed to be Apex chapter 2. But we'll see

  13. Really? I have around 50 hours on dead by daylight and I haven't seen anything toxic.

  14. You may be the only person ever to say that, lol. If you want to see what everyone else goes through, check out Spooknjukes or Aaron Dukes on Youtube

  15. Not a kink. Every person has a personal preference. Ive overheard talks of guys saying they prefer bigger chubier guys because they are fun to cuddle with.

  16. Honestly, it's the least shocking thing in the world if China is spying on us. Are we supposed to suddenly be outraged if we catch them in the act? We done knew.

  17. Haven't done the catalyst nor do i have the interest to get it currently,ToM is fun though but not my preferred exotic

  18. It's fun in the super easy content, but in anything challenging, you really dont want to accidentally drain your own health.

  19. Yall stroking off to this game so much is making me want to do the opposite.

  20. Why do people on this sub love making up some dude in their heads to be mad at.

  21. We aren't gonna pretend like the gatekeeping for this game wasn't crazy when it was first released.

  22. A year in Monster Hunter Rise is easy. Im just gonna chill in the village

  23. I have a list of things fortnite steals from apex just to stay relevant lol. I used to play that game religiously before I met apex.

  24. I mean, a lot of games steal or mimic things from Fortnite, lol. It's fine.

  25. I’ve found the Fortnite players😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️

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