1. Are they trying to channel American Beauty but with the father?

  2. Besteh auf eine Betäubung, total lächerlich dass das vorenthalten wird.

  3. Was für unfassbare Flachpfeifen... Tut mir echt sehr leid. Ich kann dir keinen richtigen Rat geben, aber ich weiß genau, wie's sich anfühlt & sende sehr liebe Drücker, falls du sie willst. Du bist wertvoll und geliebt, unabhängig von deinem Aussehen.

  4. Danke, lieb von dir. Ich erlebe sowas relativ häufig, bin daher abgehärtet. Leider ist nicht jeder so stark.

  5. Letztes Jahr hab ich mir die Beine nicht rasiert im Sommer und bin so oft von irgendwelchen Männern auf der Straße beleidigt worden, dass ich es dieses Jahr einfach wieder mache obwohl ich eigentlich nicht will.

  6. Meine Güte, warum kann man Menschen nicht einfach leben lassen. Drück dich.

  7. Yes, to a certain point everyone does. It will go away when the new lifestyle becomes a habit.

  8. Don't worry, they will just stop giving items or coins to you. So report as long as you get them.

  9. Dumb question but how does one acquire so many Mewtwo?

  10. He's been in EX Raids and normal raids so often, I've been playing since 2016 and have caught over 120 and that's not a lot for 6 years.

  11. try pokeraid or pokegenie if you can afford remote passes

  12. Were you alone? Open a ticket with support, maybe you'll get your pass back.

  13. I just use the ingame Pokedex, you know that's a thing, right?

  14. rare wild spawn but not a rare Pokemon per se, Munchlax is in eggs and he has been in raids

  15. done with what, Mewtwo isn't that good as ghost attacker, wait for Psystrike

  16. doesn't matter how long the box has been sitting in your inventory

  17. I wouldn't transfer my 4* and rare shinies, there's no way to trade them back to Go.

  18. one question, is shiny corsola a rare shiny?

  19. How are people actually getting the chance to face Giovanni? I have fought and defeated all 3 leaders of Go Rocket but I'm not getting the special radar, and I don't already have one... 😔

  20. the passes were in the weekly gift box from the shop and no, there aren't currently any free remotes

  21. lol, how is one of the best rock types in pve and one of the best rock types in pvp a garbage event? you even get their shinies and the chance of XL candies. one of the best events in a long time for me.

  22. Beautiful, I'd love to download it. Very good work, pleasing aesthetics.

  23. I'm petty, I'd totally report him for theft to the police. Probably not the first time he's done it.

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