1. I have like 50 empties all have oil in the corner. How do I go about doing this?

  2. Not sure why they are closed Saturday, Sunday and Monday now. Seems like they would make a ton more money just keeping the hours they had before. They also make people wait outside in 20 degree weather.

  3. As soon as I saw roughing the kicker penalty - I was like fuck. Let’s hope it cools off rest of game. Need some FGs or long ass drives with turnovers at the end.

  4. Considering your DEFINITELY white, you must be the one filming or just making this shit up.

  5. What….this was a fight back in highschool I didn’t film it or fight u angry sorry fuck😂

  6. Looks like .5g in a .83 cart. If it’s advertised as .5 I wouldn’t care.

  7. "This aint wrestling" 😂man has lots to learn about street fights.

  8. Who taped blue dude’s right fists, Hacksaw Jim Dugan?

  9. I got one that tastes like armor-all and burning wick. It’s like I was being punished when I hit it.

  10. Says it is on verilifes websites but the effects feel like a sativa leaning hybrid

  11. What a great strain! I love the flower, how is the luster pod? Such a happy, pain relieving strain.

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