skinhead gets cracked

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  1. LETS GOO RANGERS CMON BABY! 2.5k ML wins me 4.2k.. hockey gods PLEASE IM BEGGIN😭 literally my highest bet EVER!

  2. Suns/Mavs 2H Over 111 at -110. Suns are much better offensively and worse defensively in the 2nd half this entire season. This half shots start falling.

  3. Ya think professional basketball players could keep the game within fucking 15 points. Absolute bums

  4. I hope so. I’d be livid if it ends in a 3-2 score. Back to back home runs against the REDS ? Jfc.

  5. I am fucking leveraged to the fucking tits on nets ML rn. KD needs to wake the fuck up and adam silver better use his direct line to the refs rn and get them to start making some "questionable" calls

  6. "there's no wrestling" he yells after his failed headlock attempt...

  7. It’s Always white fans, white patents teach ur privileged suburban kids some manners at home and stop letting them speak to u however and curse u out, white kids don’t respect they own parents they not gonna respect anyone else. And they place victim when someone breaks their faces. It’s because these type of people never grew up in the environment where if u do shit like that your face gets crushed…a lot of y’all “fans” need a weak in those environments

  8. I can just tell by the way u write, your truly stupid asf😭😭🤣. Read a book or something u bum🤦🏽

  9. If the assaults and such happened at the Eden, then all the investigation would be handled by Cincinnati Police. Same with UPA, Usquare, etc.

  10. Apparently he comes from a very wealthy family. Think he’s been protected by the university because of the funds his family is providing.

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