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I don't know what to do with my hands!

  1. Hey! I just want to make sure you agreed to my later offer. I accidentally fat fingered on mobile

  2. 100% is a reference to evangelion. She even touches his face (like asuka did to shinji). Fujimoto puts a lot of movie/anime references in his work to a degree that it’s exact same framing sometimes (chainsaw man also has references to no country for old men and also references fire punch lol).

  3. The maja is definitely one of my favorite boards. (of course I have one and am biased lol)

  4. Thanks:) I'm going to have some characters in the near future as well. Just want to make sure everything is nice and fine tuned before considering selling. Sooner than later hopefully~~~

  5. Also, still waiting on pressure pot parts so, this is without using one.

  6. Got the Blumen. Honestly thought it would be the first to sell out. Such a rad color!

  7. They loose a lot of tactility sadly

  8. So far they feel way more tactile than the halo clear housing:D

  9. I've been preaching the Gat blue ink housing for franken-tactiles for a while now. I love this combination! Built a board with them not too long ago

  10. Gmk Penumbra.... I see you are a man of impeccable taste.

  11. Penumbra is a sleeper hit I feel. Of course, I'm a bit biased as I also have it on my Discipline lol.

  12. Looks nice! That USB port soldering gave me fits—still not sure how I avoided a bridge. How did yours go?

  13. Thanks! It's definitely the part I sweat on the most. The flux pen really did help guide the solder into the little holes. Plus, I've already built a Discipline so I have a tiny bit of experience with it. Kind of a sucker for these through hole style kits lol.

  14. Yiancar Gingham built with Kailh Box Whites lubed(springs only) with Tribosys 3203, lubed Durock stabs, and a brass plate because why the hell not. Novelkeys Black on White keycaps.

  15. Ok. It says “Delivery scheduled via FedEx Ground, not US Postal Service” and says out for delivery but says pending date.

  16. I am in the exact same boat. I have a feeling usps stopped accepting smartpost because of how heavy the amount of ordering that's going out and now it's screwed up the whole system of tracking. My item has been pending since the 22nd and on a vehicle. I also got the “Delivery scheduled via FedEx Ground, not US Postal Service” message as well.

  17. I’m not gonna lie, I’m gonna be really irritated when I see these things pop up on here for double the price. It’s really frustrating that this is really turning into a flipping game.

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