1. Hooooowwww! I've tried a dozen different ways and never get him! I got him once ages ago, but never again. He is the bane of my existence and the object of all my desire 😭

  2. Objectively speaking, all dating show sims would be better and more easily manageable for devs if all the characters were bi by deafult. But I just know there would be people who wouldn't like that either because they want to be able to have a straight or gay MC if they choose to, so the issue remains.

  3. Thing is bicurious doesn't make them not straight honestly. It just means they are willing to think about it for the right person. I don't know many millennials or gen z's that don't feel that way. They may identify as straight, but if the right person came along then maybe. It just makes it maybe. And by stating everyone is part of the Alphabet Mafia that includes gay, lesbian, queer, asexual not just bisexual. So the character can say instead of straight in the dressing room they are curious like Vivian does or lesbian or bisexual etc.

  4. I'm bi and this has bothered even me. I would prefer we not have the option to say no or that we're straight then to have it ignored. We hear in the US from the far right about "the gays are trying to convert everyone!" to justify their crap behavior. When I tell someone I'm not interested and they say "oh you'll bend" it makes me cringe. Shows like this are heteronormative so by going on one you are reasonably assumed to be interested in cis men and that is the difference. I'm glad wlw have so many options. It's about time. But please don't let me say "I'm straight" or "no" to advances and have them do it anyway. Either remove it and have dialogue later that says you don't like them like that and they accept it as a friend couple situation or have it where Matteo picks you instead of Gina much like Caleb did over Sangah.

  5. If the reason he isn't "endgame" and the route could be upsetting is because you can't be a traditional monogamous couple with him and instead he is only available as a throuple, I am ALL IN! If he finds a guy on the other ship and wants to be poly, I have my next playthrough. I have wanted a proper poly throuple for so damn long I will kiss the devs feet if they give it to me with Ingram.

  6. I'm thinking maybe the upsetting has something to do with some comments being foreshadowing. What Caleb said when he found him, his comment when you ask about his love language, his bonus question. If you've played Arcade Spirits think Percy's revelation on his route. I don't know if they'd do that, but upsetting doesn't seem right to say if you are okay with an open/ casual relationship because he can't "cheat" per se. He isn't in the group photo however so I found that odd. If for some reason he is evicted early like Tony and Nick it seems weird to make him romance to begin with if he can't be brought back or reunited with outside the show. I'm glad I restarted to stay with Caleb because I have a bad feeling. I love Ingram's look though so dayum this sucks. His night outfit is so hot.

  7. Jolene looks her to me. I think there might have been a change.

  8. Same. I'm wondering if that was why I didn't have the girlfriend option later in the season after Robin and Logan's date. That was why I restarted the season because no ma'am, he's my man 😂

  9. agreed, I was hurt and doubtfull (scarred by LI Season 5) but I forgive them. I also rly like Henri so what's a girl to do?

  10. I love Alex with all my heart. The second I found out they were an Overwatch player I said... This is my person. Then they made them a caring smartass as if I could fall even more in love. Please don't break my heart my snarky lil gamer.

  11. It seems more to me that we are the first choice not the only choice for the others. I've seen all of them flirting with each other at some point. There were nights we couldn't share a bed with certain characters, Henri and Sarah were definitely flirting this week, Dakota and Liam were chatting each other up, Alex even put their hand on Jada's leg that one time. So it doesn't seem odd to me and after LITG I don't want a damn thing to change. We are the MC playing a game not a spectator watching a show. It must be structured like a buffet to allow everyone a chance at enjoying the story. Or a better analogy, we are looking at a bookshelf and the lead LI for each book is vying for our attention. You pick the book you want to read first then come back for different stories.

  12. They get enough of my money. They pull that and cheez-its take the wheel.

  13. Was about to say the exact same thing. After that nightmare that I couldn't even finish, this has been the best palette cleanser. I had more fun and got more content with one chapter than s4 and s5 of that other one combined. I am perfectly happy having my one BFF, being friends/acquaintances with the others even without a meter showing that and riding into the sunset with Alex with our 5 bucks🤣😂.

  14. Did I miss where we finally smash because I'm pretty sure we never did and I'm displeased.

  15. I just wanna smash this man already for crying out loud! I don't care about the duet! 😭😭

  16. She doesn't own him. MC is there for love too and in my case, she has been interested in Finn from day one. Why does MC have to feel guilty for the boy she liked liking her back simply because another girl wants him? It's been less than 2 weeks not 2 years. This is also ignoring the fact that Kat hasn't cared how long someone has been together, she has broken up relationships in the past outside the Villa to the point of being known as a Homewrecker and gone after every guy inside the Villa (What happened with Suresh, Kat?). She has been a horrible "friend" to MC, tearing down MC's appearance or reminding her of traumas ("That's right, you're used to Suresh kissing other girls."). Kat has lied about MC, stirred more drama, and cheated with MC's partner Alfie. So no, I don't feel guilty one, not one damn bit.

  17. Because Gabi wants Suresh and Dana wants MC and neither wants to believe it's fool's errand. I think the kiss with Gabi during Snog, Marry, Pie is where Suresh realized it was just an affair and he had been using her as a placeholder for MC. He doesn't want Gabi back I feel. Dana is Alfie. She can't admit her infatuation with MC is one sided. Alfie, Dana, Kat, and Gabi need to start a club because they all chase someone who isn't interested.

  18. Meera: Could you be anymore snakey for listening in and admitting it? 😠

  19. Right? And it wasn't intentional unlike Gabi and Dana who we all know came running over to hear as soon as they saw us talking. 🙄

  20. I told Alfie repeatedly that we’re just friends, where did he get the idea I wanted him? I don’t like Meera but why would he reject a girl bending over backwards for him that he claims to like for my MC who wants nothing to do with him? FB is annoying me big time with our choices not mattering this season!

  21. Twice! He did it twice. If he thinks his Omega Suresh ass can go chase after her once MC rejects him, yet again, he's been eating dumbass sandwiches for breakfast. Meera is a bitch, but no way she bows before him a third time. He'd have to live on his knees with a leash around his neck for her to ever consider it and if he even tried to stay friends with MC or any woman she would punish him severely. Maybe that's what he wants though.

  22. It literally makes no sense. He says he knew immediately that he liked Meera. In my storyline I’ve turned him down and kept him as a good friend. Meera has tried to get with him twice now and he led her on by making it seem he wanted her too. Turning her down for MC who has said she doesn’t want him as a partner is wild to me. Honestly now I’m curious how he reacts when he finds out his best friend in the house Finn is falling for MC too and many of us plan on giving Finn a chance to couple with us.

  23. Alfie better not pitch a fit because he kissed his best friend's girl and didn't even apologize. MC ain't his and if he starts acting possessive after I have repeatedly rejected him, I will drown him in the pool.

  24. Why does this scare me so much? For the love of god please don’t let there be a Ex in the Villa PART TWO 😭

  25. If and this is a BIG if, we are allowed to choose first it will end with a cliffhanger next week. 3 episodes of everyone trying to find out where our head is at without letting us get to know the new guy.

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