1. It has a ranged attack that it can use through blocks but I designed a farm that I've just posted to this subreddit if u want to check it out

  2. Built the trap as a sort of emergency escape from the Warden because I'm trying to keep a shreiker alive, I'll check out the farm too.

  3. No I'm just editing things in, I beat him to death with my hands instead.

  4. Imagine projectiles in bloody bastards 💀💀

  5. Just have high ping and your character becomes the projectile.

  6. I always lassoed my horses like that..is there really someone who walks up to a horse and spam calm? 🤔

  7. It looks like a waste of my time... sorry

  8. What do you mean you don't want to get stuck in an ice ravine!? This is atrocious!

  9. I'm not sure why you can't do it, you can plant dynamite on the safes to blow them up for money.

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