Man I’m actually pissed. My mother got rid of my first pet without warning me.

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  1. I been calling them cabby wipes…. 🫣

  2. Does the probation period start once you’re conditionally hired? Or once you finish NEO?

  3. I’m sorry you were raised by a barbarian

  4. I don’t understand why landlords are required to provide a heat source but not ac

  5. Loving every second of this weather. I’ll take rain over unbearable heat any day

  6. Damn that’s crazy! I was stung by a jellyfish in Mexico while diving and didn’t realize until I was on the boat and the sun hit me. The dive masters just poured some tequila on it and called it a day 😆 mine did not turn out anything like yours did!

  7. I’ve recently completed the PCP program and I’m currently going through the BCEHS hiring process. Personally, I’m happy I waited to apply until after PCP. The process is going by way quicker than I was expecting, so I feel like it would have been a lot do deal with while also going through PCP

  8. The sandman is basically an SRO now. I’ve responded to several drug related calls there

  9. No towns have burned down yet this year…? So we’re doing better than last year I guess!

  10. No offense to you in particular, but I’m so tired of seeing comments like this. VR is a pretty safe activity generally, especially if common sense is used. 99% of vr injuries are gonna be kinda like this, not people jumping into their TVs (which is fucking hilarious tbh and more entertaining).

  11. And I am so tired of people posting pictures of damn paper cuts in this sub since that it not it’s intention lol

  12. I dooooo! But I’m always so concerned to click on the links that people post 😂 I’m literally always the only one who earns points on my randomly assigned teams

  13. Another vote for public schools. Stay far away from private (CDI and Vancouver career college)

  14. I have so many of them in my bedroom closet and I don’t know how to get rid of them 😫 I can’t afford to throw away all of my clothes

  15. I love Shameless! Characters from Shameless are badass so I'm sure that they can take care of walkers😂 I wanna see Carl (Shameless) killing walkers.

  16. Carl just whips out the bag of guns he was selling and gives a big smile with his grills. He was born for the apocalypse

  17. Lord of the rings. I’ve tried to watch it twice and both times I fell asleep in the first 10 mins

  18. Don't ever look at the "EMS Humor" group on Facebook if you think it's bad here lol

  19. I’m in that group. Between the 120/80 pics and meme reposts… it’s unbearable

  20. Not to mention the 80-90% of content that isn't even remotely EMS-related. I can't even remember the last time I truly laughed at something there.

  21. “I know this isn’t humour but…….”

  22. Does your country offer a program for medical assistance in dying?

  23. My favourite place to go when I want to get away from people is Kensington prairie farm and hang out with the alpacas

  24. Xel ha is my favourite place in cancun! It’s a bit pricey but includes transport, and all inclusive food and drinks. It’s absolutely stunning there

  25. Why would she need a man’s signature..?

  26. Wow I didn’t realize which sub this was on and read that whole post thinking hmmm that sounds familiar

  27. Do you know if were still allowed to bring vapes into Mexico?

  28. The law, as usual, is gray (not black and white). They wrote it stating that the transportation of vapes is banned , so it could be interpreted that having your own, in your pocket is prohibited.

  29. Thanks for the info! It’s wild that so many people smoke cigarettes but vaping is what they decide to ban. I don’t want to hijack the original post but curious how you find being a vaper and living in cancun

  30. Top 5 in order: xel-ha, shipwreck dive, underwater museum, isla mujeras, Cozumel

  31. I haven’t done xcaret, we always end up going to xel ha instead. Is xcaret worth it?

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