1. Also it should release Wecharity documents without redactions.

  2. You are still better off paying your own mortgages and lots of renters paying other's mortgages with no home equity like you have.

  3. Yep. I pay $500/month more in rent in Metro Vancouver than what a friend of mine in Ontario pays for her mortgage for a house with a huge backyard.

  4. BoC help your friend paying his mortgages, and for you, it treated people differently.

  5. "This is a part of the issue with letting home price growth run wild for years. Economic growth is slowly becoming more dependent on borrowing non-productive asset gains. The longer this occurs, the bigger the impact when the economy needs to shift back to real gains driven by productivity instead of non-productive asset price growth."

  6. $26 an hour to start as a store clerk with full benefits, annual salaries can be $70k or more, similar to a RN's starting salaries working in Ontario hospitals.

  7. I moved out at 19 and after getting my first paycheck wouldn’t have returned even if had to eat cup ramen for every meal

  8. Exactly this. Many other cities pre plan public transit corridors when new areas of the city are built. Those corridors may remain empty for 20 years. But they’re ready to be built when demand for them is there.

  9. Trudeau got rid of public transit tax credit.

  10. Central bank independence = unregulated and un-elected money printing power = higher inflations in housing prices

  11. Central bank independence = unregulated money printing powers = higher inflations

  12. Do Asian countries have legal responsibility to manufacture goods for other countries?

  13. Central bank independence = unregulated money printing = high inflations

  14. No, the law is in place to the govt from taking out an unsustainable amount of debt too quickly and crowding out the market. It doesn’t apply to bonds that are already privately-owned.

  15. You mean the commercial banks also printing fiat money with fractionation banking. They are most likely colluded

  16. From what I understand they got around the law via a technicality in the wording but still violated the spirit of the law.

  17. Lots of people trying to interpret simply the wording of law, in court, it is the legislature's intent matters. IMH the legislature's intent is very restrictive otherwise BoC can printed let's say 100,000 trillions dollars to buy government's bonds in the so called second market using technicality workaround.

  18. 30% gas prices are for government taxes.

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