Protest downtown!

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Both sides are the exact same in every single way, idk who to vote for in the midterms, can someone please help?

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Calls for mass walkout of women across America if Roe v. Wade is overturned

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  1. Depends what you're looking to do. The city will probably be dead, most people leave town or have family parties and such. If the museums are open, check those out if you haven't been yet. Otherwise, I'd say do some day trips and explore SE MI or West side of state.

  2. The GOP is no longer a political party. They've abandoned democracy and are now a violent insurrection.

  3. Dude u get yur political analysis from teen vogue like cmon lol

  4. Now why would Bible thumpers not want grooming to be a crime? Hmmm makes ya wonder!

  5. Dude u shared a screenshot w no link to bill or context and then shame ppl. Come on

  6. Nothing forced about that. Federal employees were (and are) entirely free to quit their jobs and find someplace else to work if they didn't/don't like the requirements of their employment.

  7. People can't just walk away from their jobs and careers, the whole point was to coerce people into getting

  8. Oh, so not 'forced' then. Rather, you like the word 'coerced' now. Mkay. So, about that "85% of deaths from COVID in the past year have been among the unvaccinated" ... imma go with "get your damned shots and STFU".

  9. Totally forced. And i am vaccinated. And as long as youre telling people what to do with their bodies and throwing stats out there, imma go with '100% of unwanted pregnancies were prevented by abstinence so close your legs and STFU'

  10. dude read the article before you make outrageous and uninformed comments

  11. Republicans protecting Republicans from criminal liability. Name a more iconic duo.

  12. typical progressive doesn't even know what theyre saying but pops off anyway lol

  13. Ya this is correct. The problem with the tweet in general, is that the people in the U.S. who would benefit the most by moving to a richer western European country would not make it through the immigration process unless they are going for a student visa potentially.

  14. But isnt the whole premise of the initial tweet that the US is so awful in the mind of some (mostly libs) that it's a shock they haven't moved to a place that better suits their beliefs?

  15. So is the underlying message “enough is enough, you’ve got it great here all things considered, so stop pushing for more. But go ahead, you look out that window and show me where you got it better?”

  16. I think the underlying message is that if you hate it so much and hate half your fellow citizens, why is keeping you here?

  17. Why does he even say things like this? He knows full well he’s only spinning his wheels.

  18. Cause it nabs him a headline and appeases his rich lib elite fanbase. Also the more he blows this horn, the more protected he is from being canceled for his past

  19. Howard will do and say anything to appease the ultra rich liberal elites

  20. Its like the staff of Jimmy Kimmel writes his show now

  21. Everyone should collectively refer to him as she/her until he loses his mind

  22. Purposely calling someone the wrong pronouns is extremely transphobic.

  23. Let’s parade around an empty downtown we don’t live in and take Instagram pics, that’ll show them!

  24. They got a lot of likes and digital validation tho. It helps their self esteem

  25. Just post your protest selfies m'am you don't need to please me :)

  26. What a bunch of shitbags. And you'll see morons in here defending them.

  27. The content of the bills matter....our legislatures are experts a stuffing random shit into well-intended bills. This meme is pinnacle internet, all surface and no context

  28. America really does live in the land of extremes. Where the fuck has the centre gone?

  29. We are here, the extremes are just crazy vocal mobs the internet loves to promote

  30. And for 13 year olds to comment without mommy's permission

  31. spotify paid toe $200 million. netflix paid chappelle $60+ million. somewhere an executive is being thrown off of a roof

  32. Rogan and Chapelle deliver, though. The real head scratcher is that both companies paid not-a-prince Harry $25 mil and $100 mil respectively to deliver absolutely nothing.

  33. I’m sure the court was only interested in that legal technicality, which is the same argument they’ll use when they get to Hodges and all of the other precedent the religious right just so happens to hate, such as all the cases Thomas said they’d be looking at next. Fascinating how it only works one way. Your argument is exactly why it should not be decided at the state level, our laws should not be dictated or directly influenced by religion.

  34. It's the will of the people. By your logic, cases should only be decided by a Supreme Court you agree with.

  35. Exactly, 61% of Americans think abortion should be legal. We are one country, not 50 individual republics. By my logic, the country should not be so heavily influenced by 9 non elected officials who serve for life and have such obvious changes in motivation as soon as the political balance of the court shifts. The court does not care about legal technicalities, the republican controlled court is interested in making judgements that align with republican values.

  36. I think you want to move to a country with a different form of government and laws tbh

  37. She believes that trans women aren’t “real” women and cheapen the label.

  38. My mother had a full hysterectomy when I was 14. Is she not a woman?

  39. She had a procedure for health reasons. One doesnt lose their identity because they needed a medical intervention

  40. Wait a 'children's book read about sexuality' sounds creepy af...

  41. It was about overcoming fear and being your true self. It was awesome. I would suggest not posting judgment unless you saw the book yourself.

  42. Im responding to the description of the event. Had the poster said, 'a reading about self confidence' or something, i wouldnt have thought twice

  43. Downvotes aren't discussion. When I get downvoted without many replies, I imagine the blue-haired person on the other side huffing and puffing about how wrong I am. Guess they sure showed me by clicking that down arrow.

  44. The consequence would be they would lose reelection. That's what they're for.

  45. Can't take the life of an unborn fetus, but can take the life of a protestor. USA rules.

  46. Not that I agree, but this is framed for hysteria. The post essentially says to defend oneself if threatened by violent protestors.

  47. Time for nurses and doctors to walk out and protest? Im not in either profession so this is just my outside opinion, but having the hospital say you aren’t allowed to perform safe medical practices seems like a good reason to walk out and refuse to work.

  48. Yea, lets let people die because you want to protest 😐

  49. History didn't start till this guy was born. Real monkey-brain take.

  50. Lol u asked if I remember inflation in 1982....

  51. Last time I checked, a fetus isn't a human being either you idiot. Lol at conservatives trying to apply logic to their shitty positions.

  52. Holy shit youve never heard a fetal heartbeat, felt an unborn baby kick or move or seen an ultrasound. Cant argue w ignorance

  53. You guys are so fragile, oh my god.

  54. How is belief in body autonomy a sign of fragility?

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