i got my last surgery done today!

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AITA for yelling at my wife for drinking?

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  1. Whatever tf is happening now, right now is the good ol‘ days when everything was kinda ok. Well, probably better than wathever‘s gonna be in 50 years

  2. Mix of Harry Potter and Ed Sheeran

  3. What irony, the video doesn‘t even load for me

  4. Who was he talking to again? I forgot.

  5. I find it funny how his post has 10k upvotes and the comment with the most update has nearly five times as much

  6. Give him time and assure him you‘ll always love him. Coming out is tough, even for cats.

  7. I count four light covers in total

  8. But I don‘t get how there were three light covers at the beginning, there are four lightbulbs

  9. So not only the books, the DVDs too. This can‘t be a coincidence .-.

  10. My wife got all ER DVDs, they also did it there. It's just hate. I'll make a photo and post it in this subreddit in a few seconds.

  11. They did it there too? Whyyyyy…

  12. Can somebody explain what the problem is? I do this to, but only at home of course. Outside I always put it on my ear or use headphones.

  13. A beautiful cat, looks amazing 😻

  14. On iOS you can go to your mobile data settings and turn it off for certain apps

  15. Came here to ask what, "my touch stopped working" means :P

  16. I mean my touch screen, I play on my iPad

  17. Oh, gotcha! Should've put that together in my head, honestly. Glad y'all got back to where you were! (Now work on getting some backup gear for the next time... ;D)

  18. Yeah, it‘s been quite a hassle. But I was able to find (we needed 68) the netherite well, almost one netherite per minute! When we raided a few end cities for new elytras, we also took some spare gear with good enchantments with us. But we also have a villager trading hall with great deals so we can make new gear with all the enchantments pretty comfortably.

  19. I hate bananas, raisins and coconut. Also I can‘t stand most vegetables or fruits cooked/baked, the texture is not sth I like. Apple pie is tasty tho

  20. They may not share a birthday, just have them close by. The husband missed the party, but the party may not have been on the older child's actual birthday. Maybe this was just the closest weekend or when they could get the venue. It's still probably going to be tricky since both kids have birthdays within close proximity, but it may not be shared birthday tricky.

  21. Me and my older brother are pretty close, about a week apart. This has never been a problem for us. And we get along fine (not perfect, just fine)

  22. Even if they agree to pay you back $100, it would cost 5 times more in legal fees to get it back and in some States you are not entitled to legal fees.

  23. Must be an America thing, never heard of that here

  24. The armor covers most of it :) I usually have a different skin I like even more, but Minecraft has been weird lately and it doesn‘t work (it‘s one made from the options the Skin maker in Minecraft itself offers)

  25. Yeah I have a llama skin that Iove but it doesn't load so it's just Steve or just half the llama. So I stick with a snowman

  26. Defenitely strip mining on Y12-15 (I prefer 15) with Efficency V diamond pickaxe. Make every 3rd block a new strip mine. And when you found a piece, mine a bit around it, there’s often one or two more you can’t see.

  27. I don‘t have one. But simply cause I don‘t want my age or other personal information on the internet.

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