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  1. Awh dang, good luck! Hope you get them all!

  2. Thats awesome. Hope you get them without needing to use to many orbs

  3. Yes there literally is. I never said my opinion on the matter, I just said what there is in my school. I dont get why you all are downvoting me

  4. Ok I don't get why everyone is hating this so much. I'm literally just telling the truth. I'm not trying to discriminate against anyone or anything, I was just saying that in my school there are litterboxes. You can call me a liar all you want, but it's true. I'm not looking for a fight I was just saying that yes there are some places that have litterboxes in them. It was confirmed that Scott Jenson was lying. I'm not saying he was telling the truth because it's a whole different country, but yes there are litterboxes in some schools, you might just not know about them

  5. Oh yeah. I totally agree. My basement has a centipede problem and every few days I'll need to kill like 5-6 centipedes and its WAY worse than spiders

  6. Do you really think the trailer will come out tonight? Don't trailers drop 2 days before the banner is released and Halloween banners usually come out on the 10th I'm pretty sure.

  7. special heroes trailer always comes the day after Silhouettes. also the TT banner and update are tomorrow which always come after the trailer is out

  8. I love my Legendary Byleth except I only have one copy of him and I was wondering if you think it would be worth replacing windsweep with Speed Preempt. I can do that, I just really like my Brave Byleth and am not sure if it would be better than windsweep. What would you reccomend?

  9. ikr? I love Savior King Dimitri's art! I might be a little biased because he's my favorite FE character though

  10. The thing is, I loved the game despite the flaws, until fighting Ganon. He was such a letdown that I couldn't even excuse any of the other glaring issues. If the final fight had been good, I might still have been able to overlook a lot of the stuff I didn't like about the game.

  11. If you hate the final boss, the dlc basically fixes that. I agree, Ganon was a little underwhelming, but the boss for the champions ballad is one of my favorite boss fights ever and theres so much fun, good content before the boss, like the best divine beaast dungeon and some amazing shrines that makes it totally worth it.

  12. You would really hate my opinion on Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild then.

  13. Just curious, but what is your opinion on it? I personally loved the game, but I can understand why other people would feel differently about it.

  14. And see how there is eight orbs? Hopefully that means eight dungeons!!!

  15. I hope theres still little things like shrines though. Even though the dungeons are the best, shrines would still be really nice to have as a kind of "mini dungeon"

  16. Give me like... 50-60 shrines along with some major dungeons, I could die happy

  17. I'm currently at 0 orbs even though I am saving up for L!Chrom in October:(

  18. right there with you lol, except saving for ophelia/halloween tiki, lmao. we still got time, we got this!

  19. Alright, what's the craziest way you killed a lynel before?

  20. By running around and blowing up bombs on him. It was was just a red lynel but I was still freaking out. It was the one by zoras domain. I just hid and threw bombs. It took forever too.

  21. it was on my second or third playthrough but yeah I was freaking out

  22. Chrom and Edelgard are my two favorite characters in the entire fire emblem franchise :(

  23. Even as F2P there are still around 300 orbs per month. For 5 star exclusive units, the easiness are as follows:

  24. Thanks Ill keep that in mind because I really want a +10 legendary Sigurd but assumed hed be too expensive to do that to.

  25. I own a few because i think it looks cool to have a decoration or two like that in my room but yes they are so overrated and its crazy how much money some of them can be

  26. Around 4 months, but that was only because I really took my time with it. I could have probably got it done in a month if was able to really dedicate time to it.

  27. I went from 360 orbs to 17. I pulled for ninja lyn just today and brave seliph. Now im saving up for legendary chrom whenever he reruns

  28. I would use them to give to my best friend who DMed for my group for the last 6 years and is now moving away in like a year or so. It would be like the coolest thing I could give him before he leaves.

  29. If they have justification for it great. Im about to get down voted for this but they also should have raided Hunter Biden's place after his laptop incident

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