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  1. I don't think there's a bad Uncharted game (I don't count Fight for Fortune or the Fortune Hunter). Even Golden Abyss, I for some reason really loved it. Uncharted 4 is my favorite. My ranking is:

  2. That Teseract is an interesting piece, not seen that before

  3. Compared to the one that they used in the Wrath of Loki set, this is much much better. It is also available on a What if Lego set with Red Skull and Captain Carter. It's indeed an interesting piece.

  4. Wish they would have included that piece in the Captain Carter CMF instead, that minifigure got two trans-blue plates. The cube is much more logical.

  5. Oh definitely 100%. It felt lazy and something I could easily make with my spare Legos.

  6. Can I ask you, what is the OS you prefer at the moment? Are you think that both of this OSes are bad decision?

  7. Right now I use the Poco F3 and while it has Pixel Experience and I have used it and I liked it, there's one called hentaiOS which in my opinion is better. I don't want to go into details since this a Pixel Experience sub reddit.

  8. Cant wait either. It looks very interesting and i like the style.

  9. still cant believe we are getting a live action modok.

  10. Hey everyone! I’m realizing I’m gonna have to respond to all of you so I’m gonna stop after posting this comment, I don’t want anyone to go see this terrible website! Cause I HATE movies, like fuck movies. Fmovies

  11. If it's blocked, don't use a VPN. I would say what to do but nah. I agree with the OP, fuck movies and their doubtful name, fmovies dot name...

  12. All theaters are different. For the most part I go to 2 theaters. The first one plays 3 trailers with some warnings about not recording and ads. The second one plays 2 trailers and that's it. It just depends. To be honest I don't mind the ads and the trailers, I actually kind of like them.

  13. I believe that's a MOC version using parts from the official Lego Avengers Tower 76166 set, released in 2020, and other sets.

  14. It's not a spoiler since the character was shown in official marketing. The only way I could think this is a spoiler is if you avoided absolutely everything, haven't seen trailers, articles, nothing. But that's a different thing tho.

  15. Probably "I am Groot." And I would change the "I am Groot" line to "I am Groot." I like it more tbh.

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