A tale of a thief, and 2 brave souls

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Cop Flips Out On Guy During Traffic Stop

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  1. And kids, this is why you don’t do meth.

  2. Oh thanks I'll have to keep a look out for it. How is it? Smell/feel/ effects/terpenes?

  3. I posted a full review on it in my other post. Has a pic of the terps too.

  4. I’m racist because I don’t understand and or speak made up words? Got it.

  5. That’s exactly what I meant. If you act like this, you are acting trashy.

  6. Fairly certain there isn't any Blueberry in that Strawberry Cheesecake cultivar. It's not easy to find the growers information on the parentage of these strains though.

  7. Archive Seeds is the original creator of this strain. It is Blueberry Muffin x Forum GSC. BR also lists it as such. There’s definitely Blueberry in there.

  8. Oh wow! I could’ve sworn it said blueberry muffin yesterday! Actually I’m 99% certain it did! Perhaps they changed it? Either way I guess the berry smell and flavor comes from the Oregon Grape in the PPD!

  9. If they keep this around it’ll replace Lemon Dosidos and Garlic Breath 2.0 as my favorite heavy hitter!

  10. Strawberry Cheesecake is very very nice! Especially if you like blueberry! It’s more of a sativa leaning hybrid. Smells and tastes way more fruity. Eager Beaver is way more stonier/heavier and indica dominant. If you’re an indica fan like me you will love Eager Beaver!

  11. I can assure you they’re better off without having to deal with this attitude on a busy day.

  12. You mention going to Herbology on Monday. They also get lines, especially when a desirable cultivator like Buckeye is on sale? Are you going to come here and shit all over their line level staff when you also have to wait there?

  13. I’ll make sure to post how efficient they were.

  14. Nah this is real. Whenever me and my girlfriend are going through a rough patch we always stand by the side of a busy highway next to a telegraph pole to discuss it.

  15. I would go to the ER. You definitely need to calm the inflammation.

  16. 300 is the movie. Definitely give it a watch.

  17. I refuse to play the pronoun game. Grow up.

  18. They are the universal language for trash.

  19. Lol, man, wtf Galenas? Thanks for the ktown brown?

  20. do you know the lineage? this was one of the first strains i tried in the program and remember sour berry flavor.

  21. I’m very excited too! Especially because how much I love lemon Dosidos and this is a lemon lime x gelato cross!

  22. This is a while ago now, but I managed Chipotles and we were in a 1%er town, one of the safest in the country, and this cop would come in all hard, arms puffed out from his sides, bullet proof vest on, staring down the employees, and not acknowledge our greetings or anything, just grunt out his order.

  23. Whoa!! That maniac has a badge and gun!?

  24. There’s a wait outside. Inside when you check in AND A WAIT WHEN YOU YOU GO BACK to the budtender area!

  25. Nah 100% I got to the sales floor and someone was like “take a seat well be with you shortly” lmao. You in painesville? Or is bloom just shafting us today

  26. First time I ever had to wait when I went back in the sales area! There were people in all the seats and standing around. What a mess.

  27. My man I’m sorry I was looking for reviews for this strain and came across this, but you know that most of the popular music that kids listen to today is extremely sexually explicit, and a majority of it is written by straight people... you know that, right? If you think being progressive and accepting people for who they love is “weird shit that we should keep our kids away from” then I think you should probably take a break from the weed and rethink your moral compass. Straight people be brainwashing kids a SHIT ton. But hey keep bumpin classic rock or modern pop like The Weeknd for your kids, they definitely won’t start objectifying women and glorify drug use. Sorry, rant over. You have a nice day!

  28. The point is it does not belong in our schools! Why the hell do kids need to hear about LGBTQ shit from woke teachers? That never happened when we were in school.

  29. Stans Auto. A guy named Chuck. Top notch work.

  30. I absolutely hate the bags. Why do companies still use them?

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