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  1. Wow. You need to get some perspective on what exactly a Moderator (note the capitalized M, which indicates respect for the role btw) is and how they get that position.

  2. I am married to my wife so I know she likes me, but sometimes I still get prickly when she mentions her exes who I perceive as more attractive than me. She sat me down recently and basically said "Yes I used to date conventionally hot women, but I need you to internalize that that includes you, and that I chose you, I'm not settling for you"

  3. Having to reassure someone over and over again is definitely something I am considering whether or not it’s what I want in a partner, it’s not a deal breaker but I’d prefer to be able to be READY to hold myself accountable whenever I do go tired of the reassuring.

  4. So this might be a very different take on this but Ill try...

  5. That book was very well written hahah, read every word! Happy to hear about your journey, and even more happier that your self confidence has grown.

  6. I’ve noticed I stopped driving like an idiot after watching completions like this!!

  7. Having been in a situation where I was cheated on and the person didn't tell me for a full year, it really hurts more when they don't tell you straight away. They spend a year or more pretending that they haven't broken boundaries, while day in and day out looking you in the eyes, telling you that they love you and yet apparently not enough to be honest about the breach of trust. Cheating is awful, but what is worse is the fact someone can be dishonest for years after

  8. Your response was the only thing I took from all of this! The years of lying would be the toughest obstacle to get passed!

  9. Removing the plastic wrapping from a pallet of 5 gallon cans of (highly flammable) acetone. He didn’t have a box cutter so he proceeded to melt it with a lighter

  10. My eyes got wide with this one! Goodness

  11. Sometimes woke, entitled white folk just need a beat down….😂😂😂

  12. Ngl. Feel like she's totally right to be frustrated at this situation. These guys have intentionally dug up (they're fishing for metal in a river I assume and they have already found lots of stuff like this) a load of clearly not dangerous explosives that she is forced to call the bomb squad over due to essentially health and safety.

  13. Oooo I’m glad I read your entire post! Smirked at the end! Lol

  14. It'll do for now! I really miss the fast Streamplay links! 😆

  15. is the new link I use! FYI

  16. The final 30 minutes are worth the price of an IMAX or Dolby ticket alone…

  17. Boy am I glad I searched up Reddit reviews, stumbled on your comment and watched the movie on Screen X which is the 3 screens! That last 30mins was chefs kiss

  18. “They just didn’t do anything to me, I just like killing; so……” what the hell? That kid is either going to be struggling with serious urges or he’s gonna be giving in when he gets older! Sheesh

  19. Probably won’t win but eh! What the hell!

  20. Any update on the footage you received? Did you figure out why this happened?

  21. Yeah, he was. It was most certainly a prayer. I heard something like “____ keep this girl safe in the name of Jesus Christ ____ Jesus Christ, Amen.”

  22. "sky daddy"lol, we get it, you're and atheist and you're trying hard to be edgy... Just stop spamming this line.

  23. What a dope ass Neighbor! I’d knock and thank them for allowing such beauty to me available to me in walking distance! Lol for real for real! Fuck, I’d give them a discount to a flower shop!! My neighborhoodit’s are trash 😂

  24. You're less likely to get dropped for a non offensive jail sentence than the world denouncing you as a wife beater.

  25. Idk why you’re being downvoted! Your statement is logical and easy to understand!

  26. I think Katt Williams did a bit on that Tiger incident.

  27. That was a logical explanation. Fucking hilarious!! 😂😂 it’s exactly how I feel when an animal attacks in a zoo! Like the fuck is everyone expecting? 😩😂

  28. Reasonable reaction would be to come out with a gun!

  29. No no, don't do that. Maybe buy some birdseed instead and pour a cup of birdseed on the top of each of his cars and let the birds do the "dirty" work for you. No legal problems and no real lasting damage. Or if you don't even want to do that, just pour the birdseed on the ground next to the car.

  30. I feel for the motherfucker who crosses! Lmao

  31. Yeah, he fucked up. Yeah, he was an asshole. Yeah, nothing he said was acceptable.

  32. Is she suppose to wait until he beats the shit outta her to leave? LoL I too In the beginning thought it was unreasonable until she mentioned cameras were placed in the house without her knowing! Wtf is that?

  33. Bruh, I hate my union! I work for a big corporation and my department specifically is unionized. We are currently being treated like shit! It’s been 8 months of non stop shit and nothing is being done about it

  34. Are you the lazy person or the hard worker?

  35. The hard worker! It’s really getting to me, it’s hard rewiring yourself! Old habits die hard is an honest assessment!

  36. Something I’ve learned from many years of being a hard worker is it can actually prevent you from promoting. Because you’re a hard worker that does more work than other people and if you get promoted your employer largely lose out on that. It’s disgusting if you think about it but it makes sense to an employer.

  37. I’m new to the corporate world! Came from immigrants who can’t really provide the advice I need! So I’ve been rolling with the punches and learning as I go. I appreciate you taking the time; I know all to well that employers do not promote individuals that go over and beyond, learned that the hard way!

  38. First immediate reaction is that this album is very different from all the other Kendrick projects soundscapes. Like he’s really committing to going all the way with complex rhythms, beat switches, etc. Before these elements would be sprinkled on his previous songs here and there. This time it feels all in.

  39. I appreciate fans like yourself that are able to see such difference and levels of an artists! It’s dope!

  40. everytime I go to ATM I check the reader and the keyboard. then I look into the camera and for a second I just think to myself "I'm just checking for scammers, I didn't do anything, guys."

  41. Lmfaoooo you have eve accidentally say it out loud!! Like, you’re funny.

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