1. Putin can't pull that shit in Dagestan. That region is on the brink of starting another war of independence from Russia. Putin has to tread carefully.

  2. Am I out of touch or is sneaker with suits a new style?

  3. The standard is the standard and the expectation is the expectation.

  4. I was just thinking the same idea! Maybe do Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary and spend a few days in each. Maybe even Czech as well if I can.

  5. You should definitely visit Prague when you're in this region. It's one of the most beautiful European cities. In my view, it's more beautiful than Vienna and Budapest.

  6. I’m accepting of her drinks and her trip to ikea so don’t worry on that regard, i just hope I’m not misreading anything.

  7. You're not misreading it. When a woman laughs at what you said and then touches you, it's basically her saying "I want you to fuck me".

  8. And if she calls me a dumb ass (in a joking way) after a joke she doesn’t think is funny? (Which has happened the majority of the time). If she was laughing all of the time then I’d agree

  9. In a league full of freak athletes, Pete Carroll is a freak human. He has more energy at 71 then most guys in their 30s.

  10. Did the Bucs ever offer Jameis a long-term contract? His stats after first 3 seasons didn't look too terrible: 69-44INTs, 63.8% accuracy in year 3.

  11. I honestly was surprised Dalton didn’t come in last week. Jamis was injured and playing poorly.

  12. Slovak language sure sounds hard, so I'll write down the most important sentences in case my phone dies

  13. Try German if they don't speak any English. There are plenty of Slovaks working for German companies in Western Slovakia, especially Bratislava. German used to be taught at schools during communism, so even older people might understand some basic words.

  14. soo many questions. Why the hell are they holding their guns next to the other persons head? Why are they all so old? Why are they holding their hats like that on the second picture?

  15. I can't find a decent car, all cars I find and ask about everyone is like "DON'T"

  16. I know that those are good cars but unfortunately they are twice the price

  17. You can either go with an older, reliable car or a newer, less reliable one. There's a reason why used French cars are cheap.

  18. V piatok ma pán kremľa oznámiť výsledky referend.Ruska vojnová doktrína dovoľuje použitie jadrových zbraní pri bránení ruského územia. Ktoré ukrajinci súčasne napádajú , čiže možno posledných pár dní budeme žiť v svete ako ho poznáme 😳

  19. It's probably the most reliable car that you can buy in that price range.

  20. I wash the faucet lever with soap every time I wash my hands because I just touched it with a dirty hand when I turned the water on. I don't want to touch a dirty faucet lever right after washing my hands.

  21. I feel the opposite way. I think of all the added depreciation of a newer car and compare it to all the road trips I can go on with the money instead. I'd rather have more experiences (road trips) in an older car than fewer experiences in a newer one.

  22. Jerry's still salty he wasn't able to lowball Dak during contract negotiations.

  23. Ian is a name for a guy who thinks Stone Roses are the best band of all time.

  24. Smart is one of those small cars that has a surprisingly big amount of room for the driver.

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