1. A lot of the 98 and 02UM pages are vandalized with really funny shit on there. Some of my favorites are 98 Chris/O Chris and 98 Chang.

  2. I clicked this half expecting it to be two of the same image

  3. I'm surprised more people don't use Dev mode. It's arguably the most fun feature in the game imo

  4. There's a vaporwave mod for Melee (probably multiple of them). The one I have enables you to set custom playlists for the bgm on each stage with a bunch of vaporwave and generally aesthetic tracks modded in.

  5. Those thighs lookin like a snacc

  6. I hope the full product doesn't treat progression the same way the demo does. While it may be subversive to have a really linear series of fetch quests, there seemingly isn't much to the game that sets it apart other than the visuals. Those are just my impressions though.

  7. I hate the word content and “content creator”

  8. Partially due to the devs biting off more than they could chew, claiming the game is going to be the raddest shit ever leading up to the initial gameplay reveal, the gameplay reveal was pretty bad, failing to recover from that, failing to really market at all outside of spaces with solely competitive players, and overall having a really bland identity with the project as a whole ("knockoff overwatch" is thrown around a lot) oh also the heavy implications at the start this would be a proper PM successor

  9. This was said on /v/ since the game launched.

  10. I don't think /v/ has ever had a non-shit take on icons, so i don't know how that backs this up at all

  11. Imagine strawmanning so hard that you think diversity is a standalone replacement for what people really want out of games, like character personality

  12. I never said it was, but it's kind of a dumb claim to make when the white people and men are just as bland and uninspired as the women and poc. None of them are token if the default is already to be flat.

  13. While I think what you're saying is valid and real, you're probably in the minority here

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