To all people who think America is fucked, what one thing would you change to try and fix things?

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  1. Gallbladder attacks. Had my gallbladder taken out not to long ago. The pain I felt from the attacks and everything else was the worst pain I’ve EVER experienced. I don’t wish that shit on my worst enemy

  2. It was my wreck. Very very bad wreck. Flipped 3.5 times at around 50 miles an hour. I got told by everyone at the scene that I should’ve died that night and there’s not a reason I walked away. But I think I died that night. Suddenly I was calm, I was warm and I felt okay with everything happening. Then I heard and saw my mother speak to me. This wreck happened when I was 18 and my mom died when I was 13. After she spoke I snapped out of it, ran out of the truck and by the grace of god lived

  3. Here recently. I’ve been telling myself every day “Ya know today was a good day”. I think back through my day and pick out all the good things that happened and ignore the negative shit

  4. Lie and cheat. If you want outta the relationship, save both of y’all time, energy, and feelings and just tell them that. No point in being an asshole

  5. They only reach out when it’s convenient for them. Or like what’s been happening to me here recently, reach out when they find out you have a lot of money and just try and get a piece of it

  6. Call of War. Strategy game but I’m really into it

  7. Listen to music and go on a drive. Very relaxing

  8. Graduated. And everything else I did. Shit was legendary

  9. Doesn’t matter cause my dumbass will definitely be dead by then

  10. I try to be polite because I never know what people are dealing with. I’ve been through a lot and I’ve seen a lot of fucked up shit. I know I’m not always polite because at times it’s very difficult to be but I at least try

  11. Cocky rich assholes like my boss. If that man were ANYONE else he would’ve gotten his ass beat by now for the way he speaks to me

  12. Bad mental illnesses. My mom passed right in front of me at 13yo and a lot of my family has dropped dead. I’m 19 and I can probably count the number of family members I have left on 2 hands. I just won’t go get help cause I don’t wanna go on the meds so pretty much I just suffer in silence

  13. Lower minimum wage. Ya know why? Cause lowering minimum wage also lowers taxes and cost of living. We’re still paying the same amount for everything except now life is 1000x more difficult

  14. Get a group of some bad mf and take that shit back

  15. I was trying to be a show off with my little brother. He threw me a football, tried to be like OBJ, and broke my ring finger. Moral of the story is whenever I get married I probably can’t actually wear a ring cause my knuckle will always be swollen for the rest of my life.

  16. Always tell yourself you’ll give up tomorrow or you’ll kill yourself tomorrow. You know why? Tomorrow is a reoccurring thing. So tomorrow doesn’t have to be the next day. So if you tell yourself that day by day sooner or later things get easier. Life becomes better and things start moving in the right direction. Ever since I’ve done that my life has completely went into a better direction because I’m more focused on living in the moment and trying my best to live the happiest and most fulfilling life possible. Keep your head up y’all

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