1. Right now I would LOVE another season of "The Glades"

  2. When my husband and I first bought our home 22 years ago, we bought it somewhat purposefully, to be at minimum 2 hours from any relative. We moved into the house the first of Nov. At the news of the first snowstorm, my MIL called and sent several emails to both he and I stating that she would need "one of us" to go to her place to shovel out her walk and driveway. I ignored her. My husband told her to call whoever the neighbors use, and pay them. I willingly go to my moms and help take care of the property, since I love it. I just wish it was all being left to me when she passes. I feel like I've put my heart and soul into it for my entire life, while my sister always hated living there. But I have to split it with her

  3. It works for me. But I am also a very jealous bitch that is not going to share my husband. With anyone. Ever. Again. My ex cheated on me.. among other things. Another person in a marriage is a no go for me.

  4. My moms husband stole my Camaro front fenders from the garage loft and sold them. And then, before I could move the 327 block to the mechanics for a rebuild, he sold that to junk. I didn't cry when the SOB passed

  5. Oh definitely back when I was a major the amount of mom's who wanted to speak to me about their sons being treated unfairly was nuts. Military spouses suck but some military mom's are quite literally demons.

  6. I had a friend that was an SOI instructor at Geiger. Some of the stories he'd tell about the moms. And that was about 30 some odd years ago.

  7. If I lived in a state that did this I would tell them to fuck off and then I would give my child permission to use those same words

  8. My kid wouldnt even need permission. She'd just tell them straight off. And I take her to her fave place for dinner after

  9. As a dog owner, and property owner, this infuriates me.

  10. DCU is pretty good. I'd personally only bank with credit unions.

  11. I love DCU. We have our HELOC thru them, and all our checking and savings accounts. Have to admit, the thing I love most is their hours. Even during the pandemic they were easy to do business with

  12. Mobile app is pretty decent. I use it every other day

  13. A few years ago I had to go to and get two bank checks. One for the vet that was going to be putting my horse down, and the other for the company that was going to be picking his body up for cremation. The teller, who I knew from going in frequently for my business banking, asked who to make the checks out to and I completely lost it. Sobbing hysterically. Luckily she knew me. She came around and gave me a huge hug and let me cry for a bit. That week, and the months after I was a freaking mess

  14. I got older. And I've made it through a lot of shit. I just do not give a fuck what other people think of me anymore.

  15. I'm from America. I put the water in a cup, then the tea bag. And then I ...... MICROWAVE IT

  16. While Bettas can survive in a small space it’s not advisable. It’s recommended to use at least a 3 gallon tank. I had one that I kept in a 20 gallon tank (heated and filtered) and it lived 3 years. I’ve known people who kept bettas in small bowls and they didn’t live more than a month or two. They’re tropical fish and they really do thrive in a heated and filtered environment.

  17. I had one that traveled with me from MA to ME to NC. I had the little guy "Spiv" for 11 years. Haven't had one since. My kids dormmate has one that has quite the setup.

  18. this is where I am at, and it took me til 52 years of age to get there. I had a guy walk his dog by my house a few weeks ago. Dog took a large dump on the sidewalk right on the sidewalk in back of my car. The guy looked right at me, since I was working on the porch. And hustled his dog away to the park on the corner. I got up, went inside. got a plastic store bag, cleaned up his dogs shit pile. And brought it to him in the park where I tossed it at him telling him he forgot something. He blathered something about "not normally being lazy" But my neighbor mentioned that she has cleaned up after his dog on her lawn several times. I mean the guy saw me see him! All he would have had to do to not be a dick was say "Sorry, I forgot a baggie." And I would have gone in and gotten him a couple of bags. I'm done letting people slide on stuff like this.

  19. "I like to assume it was all the food service and customer service jobs I had in my teens/20's....it really cemented in the fact that I hate everyone until they give me a reason not to."

  20. Yes actually. I didn't get much, but it seems I had a savings account that had been sitting collecting interest since 1994. Wasn't closed properly and I had moved. My husband got nearly $100 from something he had somewhere. LOL I was really surprised.

  21. Waste Management went MIA for about a month in my town 2 summers running (2020 and 2021). I think trash collectors were hit hard by the great resignation. If you are in a small town, you should try getting your septic tank pumped - you have to wait months - turns out no one wants to pump shit for a living any more either.

  22. We went two weeks with no trash pickup from WM last winter. According to the city, and WM the problem was the cold temps. Hydraulics wouldn't work on the trucks. When they began picking up again it was in the "old" trucks without the arms that grab the bins.

  23. I wear mine in the shower every morning. I wash dishes with it on too. This is my second fitbit. My first started to lose it's charge after 4 years.

  24. I was going to comment on the durability until I read the 4 years part, that's pretty good for a daily driven device imo.

  25. I had a mi band before moving to my Apple watch, and then my FitBit. I still have the mi for it's alarm. Little sucker wakes me up much quicker than my Apple or Versa

  26. Same. I've worn mine washing dishes, showering, washing out water buckets, chicken waterers, water troughs, and while swimming and sweating my ass off working out. I mean granted it's less than 10 months old. But I beat the shit out of mine, don't have a guard on it, and haven't had one issue. Oh, and I dont need to drop the thing on the charger every night. Once a week and it's good. Will definitely buy another Fitbit. Meanwhile, my Apple watch, also less than a year old, had to be sent for a replacement due to battery life being less than 80%. (Which is why I bought my Fitbit Versa 2) And my husbands needed replacement because it's "speaker" wasn't working. It's also a heck of a lot less efficient IMHO in tracking my workouts etc.

  27. I hate going to my local MB as well, but JFC. At least I'm not a little bitch about it.

  28. They aren't beloved. Far too many people buy a dog then realize they don't really want it so they just do the bare minimum in caring for it or they abuse it.

  29. My neighbors got a puppy earlier this year. Big puppy. They went from playing and training the dog daily, to not doing shit with the poor thing. And they leave him outside all day and well into the night. I've heard the dog crying at 1am to be let in. I mean why get a dog if you're not going to treat it decently?

  30. Imagine basing your healthcare decisions on whether insurance covers it or not. Certified Murica moment

  31. I had to cancel several appointments this year because our health insurance didn't cover things, and with the appointments my family and I did have, cost us well over 10k out of pocket. We were out of HSA funds by May. I needed another couple of ultrasounds on my DVT leg. An echo on my heart to check for damage and then my husbands gallbladder went bad. Right now if my DVT leg starts hurting, or I get PE pain, I'm screwed. We simply can not afford to get care other than basic doctor office visits now.

  32. My grandmother had a huge issues with her xarelto. It was like $80 a pill and she needed one day. Insurance refused to cover it. Thank god she had an awesome pulmonologist who have her samples every month on her visits. There was no way she could afford it.

  33. Xarelto , and Eliquis; also have "coupon cards" It's the only way I'm able to afford to stay on Eliquis. I pay $10 a month instead of $300. I don't want to be on Warfarin with all the testing, and dietary restrictions. Hoping that Mark Cubans pharmacy starts carrying it so I can get get all my Rx's filled cheaper

  34. Honestly, I would just finish assignment alone, deleted partner's name and submitted it.

  35. My kid has had to do that several times, thru high school. Not so much with college though. And as a mech engineering student they have a lot of team projects and labs

  36. Reading as a child will help build imagination.

  37. You get more respect when you're thinner/healthier. Doesn't matter if you are a woman or a man.

  38. I love the "I can't believe you landed that, soo lucky" it's so backhanded because ny boyfriend is VERY handsome and I'm fat.

  39. My husband is incredibly handsome-and sexy, and funny, and smart etc. And I am 4 years older than him, and was heavier than I am now when we met and got married. We've been married 21 years and have a 20 yr old kid. Life is good. It's great when the other person love you for YOU!

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