1. They had a few good results at the start of the season while Red Bull were still figuring out their car, but at this point I think it’s about time to stop talking about them as if they’re championship contenders.

  2. It's about as forced as this guy's personality. Which to be clear is very.

  3. If Verstappen does it they don't penalise it, and if anyone else does they do. You probably just watched an instance where it was Verstappen doing it.

  4. And then you delete your comment cause you can't find anything to back up your non-existent claim. Nice

  5. I haven't deleted any of my comments? Automod or some mod must have deleted them.

  6. This would be amazing, I think I'd pay a lot more attention to Formula E than Formula 1 if this happened.

  7. If he found the chicane too difficult then he should really keep that to himself. It says a lot about his driving ability that this corner was too challenging for him.

  8. McLaren are okay. He'd be better off waiting for a Mercedes or Ferrari seat.

  9. These are amazing, I wish I could draw. I have no idea how people scribble a face on a piece of paper and it looks exactly like someone who exists in real life.

  10. Observation, practice, and patience. Anyone can draw. If you wish you could draw, start drawing. It's a learned skill like anything.

  11. Is it bad that I miss F1 with no fans? I mean obviously it's good news that people are back and I wouldn't change that but at least we didn't get stupid crowd reaction shots in the middle of a good battle. I tune in to watch cars go fast, not to see celebrities and random people go :O

  12. Formula 1 2020-2021 was the best it's been in years. This year might be good, I have no idea, there's no coverage of it. Was nice to see again though, haven't seen him for a few years.

  13. Albon was really great to listen to when he got into the commentary box during pre-season testing.

  14. And it has also been the worse race of the season pretty much every other year. And even by your own admission the last good race was 14 years ago!

  15. 'even by your own admission' what is this? That is just a couple of examples, not an exhaustive list of every race there that I think has been good.

  16. Okay I'm just going to accept that no one in this thread can read and call it a day.

  17. Jeddah is great, this circuit is the hastily and shoddily constructed circuit that people think Jeddah is.

  18. Whenever I've watched the Indycars I've always found the coverage to be far superior.

  19. Just five very dull years of Red Bull and Verstappen having the fastest car and winning.

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