1. How do the underwear (panties? I’m English!) fit sizes 4-14 and 14-24!?

  2. Almost identical to mine! Except I went for the Pixi rose tonic in Cat 5

  3. anyone know what the item is in the top second photo? is it supposed to be the book? blanket?

  4. I don’t whether an item from that pic will be in the box. The slippers in the bottom pic will be, and the photos are from a game on Instagram where you guess which photo has a hidden spoiler

  5. Pretty convinced based on surveys and spying it on Instagram 😭

  6. In theory i have no problems with this as a category 6 pick and I like that’s it’s useful, for the home, and something I want/need. But to kick off spoilers with this?? Woof. Who is running their marketing department and hire me instead.

  7. To be fair, they’ve not announced this as a spoiler, I’ve just spotted it on both Instagram and surveys

  8. Weird, doesn’t show up as an option for me (but I wouldn’t get it anyway)! Regional difference?

  9. What’d you get. If you don’t mind me asking. Starting to think I’ve maxed out useful items on this subscription.

  10. Yay so so so happy about category 2!! That’s made the whole box so much better for me- I’ve wanted the basket for ages and love a bit of embroidery. I didn’t like category 2 before but this is a win!

  11. For those interested, I was SO disappointed in these socks. I hated wearing them so much I actually threw them away. But I think others liked them!!

  12. I like the socks! They loose they’re length and aren’t as long as FFF makes them look. The Frye logo has disappeared too in the wash, but I don’t care about that. I really like them though

  13. I'm pretty sure the Soar desk mat will make another appearance. Watch them put it in Customization 5 again. Grrr..... 🤨

  14. That probably means that they were testing whether it would be a good fit for summer or fall boxes as a first time item. I’ve seen a good number of items been in multiple surveys and then only appear in one box. Of course they could put it back in anyway, but I’ve never seen FFF put an item in two consecutive boxes.

  15. Not too impressed with this box, are these all definite options or is there potentially some extras?

  16. They’ll tell us the throwback options on Monday and there will be more category 5/6 items that will be visible when customization opens

  17. Let us all take a moment and mourn for our UK friends who only have 3 choices out of 8 :(

  18. Thank you, as a Brit I am sad to see this! Fortunately my favourite option is the bowl and colander set (or the Phantom Chef frying pan if that’s a throwback as I suspect) but this I am very disappointed to see FFF care so little about it’s UK members.

  19. The spoiler video also shows the Dr Brandt Speed Recovery Serum and an embroidery kit :)

  20. Ah yeah, they’ve been seen in past surveys! Yay that sounds good

  21. Depending on where you live are there any neighbourhood sharing apps where you can give things away? In the UK there is one called Olio, I have regularly listed all sorts including makeup or skincare and there are always takers.

  22. Tesco also has a make up recycle box. The one in my local store is by the food bank donation boxes.

  23. That’s interesting. On the flip side, I’ve heard that microfiber hair towels produce less frizz than a cotton towel. Can anyone confirm?

  24. Both the scarf/shawl (winter 2021) & cooler (summer 2022) were already in boxes.

  25. I know the one you mean. I thought this one looked different but I’m probably wrong. I know that sunglasses have been in a Fall 2022 survey so maybe it’s that.

  26. Update: the air purifier shown in the bottom of image 2 has been spied in surveys so that’s likely. The Nars blush has been seen in surveys too.

  27. A hack for cancel tunnelling. If you light the candle and then cover it in aluminium foil with a small hole in, the tunnelling should disappear

  28. Thank you! This will be useful for any tunneling candle! Also if you tend to live in a colder climate or have fans going - tunneling can be made worse that way.

  29. Ohhhh I’m from the UK, now I know why so many of my candles tunnel!

  30. I like the watch, didn’t notice the tick and the strap didn’t bother me!

  31. Fall was by far my favourite! Lots of homeware items and not too much pink

  32. This has been featured on Katie’s IG and was in surveys. What do you all think?

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