1. Where do you get that idea? And Pickens has shown he is more talented than any receiver we have on the field right now. I’m very hopeful that Tyquan shows out when he comes back.

  2. Draft day thread last year You: “Please no Mac”.

  3. You went back a year in my post history for that😂 I posted that when the bears traded up. Have you watched Pickens in college, preseason and in his games in the nfl so far? Clearly better than what we got.

  4. Ah. I’m the crazy i guess. My bad. Misinterpreted the message. But yeah I’ve seen him at Georgia. Wanted him or Pierce in the draft but we got Thornton instead. But I strongly disagree he’s looked better than anything we have. Because he really hasn’t

  5. I feel like they could have tried to use a chain instead of a thin rope…

  6. Don’t work out to “get back at her”. Work out to find that next person who is cool, a better person and better looking. That’s how you profit.

  7. Coat in shaving cream, bake in the oven at 300 until most or all "white" shaving cream dissipates, take it out and let it cool enough not to burn yourself, put it on and start working it. That is if it's leather.

  8. I’ve never seen the microwave/ dryer/ oven method work effectively. Extreme heat will break down the leather and give you a floppy glove. I know guys who do this and they get a new glove every year because they compromise the strength of the leather. Try fielding a screaming line drive with a flaccid glove..

  9. Yeah, it’s sat in the box It shipped in! I can send you a picture of the one I do use if you want 😂😂

  10. Need a ten catch game from him in all honestly. I know tall order. Settle for 7.

  11. He has never had a 10 catch game in his career. I think 7 is the ceiling. And 7 catches from your TE is a good day especially if one goes for a score.

  12. I could eat tortellini tonight for dinner. I COULD

  13. They have 5 rings from when they were the Minneapolis Lakers… so in reality it should only be 12

  14. Sounds like he’s already making excuses as to why we’re going to pound them into the earth. Rhule won’t have a job this time next year.

  15. The phone screen is on at first and it looks like it’s a video call until the screen goes black. Could have been an accomplice watching nearby telling them when to attack

  16. This is a Nets fan. I saved everyone time! Begone troll.

  17. Father from South Boston, so yea, I got some squatting rights on my C's.

  18. Considering you’ve posted on the Nets, Bills, Dolphins, Lakers, 49ers and Lions subs this week alone…you’re no real fan.

  19. Photo taken Vertically. Def not from 1991

  20. Similar situation as you. Played middle infield in HS but OF in slowpitch now. I got this glove at the start of summer.

  21. Has anyone else noticed all these random burner accounts on the sub since the JB to the nets rumors were stirred up? Bunch of fake Celtics fans encouraging the team to blow up the JT JB pairing

  22. I think you need to calm down. It’s Monday.

  23. So the runner was called out (2nd out) then thrown out of the game? If he was already out then he can’t be out again since he isn’t on the base paths anymore

  24. Is there a rule in your league saying “an ejection counts as an out”? Otherwise I think the ump was just heated and done with the game.

  25. He’s disappointed in you clowns, prob has 50k 14 year olds @‘ing him on Twitter with ridiculousness

  26. I’ve done some digging on some of these “hot take” “gotta trade JB for KD and picks” people and most, if not all have been some sort of burner account created in the past few weeks. Don’t let these Brooklyn clowns acting like Celtics fans distract you. Celtics know what we have and who the better player is.

  27. Go back to the nets sub with your new burner account. Weirdo

  28. Y’all are living in 2010. KD doesn’t push this team over the edge you clowns.

  29. The replies on the tweet are why I hate some of this fanbase. Half the fanbase deadass thinks they know more than the greatest coach of all time.

  30. Twitter is even more a cesspool than Reddit is. That “6-11” dude is a raiders fan too.

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