Iran 0 - [1] USA - Christian Pulišić 38'

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  1. That’s actually fairly intelligent. I’m pleasantly surprised.

  2. Anderson, Young, Carter, Stroud seems likely in this scenario

  3. Texans don’t look at Young/Stroud?

  4. Cris Collinsworth is going to be so disappointed in us

  5. My brother in Christ you have Jonathan Taylor on your team

  6. He was tearing up the defense and we randomly just decided to stop using him for stretches lol

  7. For the most part I was relatively okay with how the offensive line played. Raimann held up Highsmith pretty well most of the game, Smith pretty much neutralized TJ Watt, and nobody really had a stinker. The sacks were mostly on Ryan holding the ball too long, and the run game was really effective.

  8. Does this mean Sunshine is who we thought he was?

  9. He’s slowly but surely getting there

  10. The Cowboys are going to slaughter us on primetime

  11. This is like that one stat where that one Pacers player (who was not good at all lmao) was compared to like 4 HOF players. Was it Lance? I feel like it wasn’t but that’s my only guess.

  12. Not saying i disagree, but tj was expected to go against raimann as well. And highsmith is no slouch either. He did get one sack towards the end but raimann did better than expected until then.

  13. TJ generally lines up over the RT and that’s what he did last night too. Parsons actually lines up over the LT.

  14. You absolutely redeemed yourself Pitt. We still love you.

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