1. This is the one. The supports are somewhat cute but this is absolutely heartbreaking

  2. I don't care how good the punter is, absolutely never

  3. What if they could pin the ball at the 1 perfectly every time?

  4. Well, at least the loss was tighter?

  5. Anecdotally I do not believe that at all. I’d be curious to see it.

  6. I’m having trouble with it tbh but I will believe you since it seems to be based on 2021 which is when they had that really hot 8-0 start right?

  7. Yes, my apologies, should’ve been clearer. I’m still thinking of the 2022 season as “this year”

  8. I’m a fantasy world where if we tank we are very good at it and there’s is a true generational prospect, yes, I guess I could suffer through a season. However, Williams and Maye are not true generational prospects, nor are we guaranteed to be good at tanking. I’d rather make a swing now.

  9. Always a good day when Zverev loses

  10. As a head of state, he is implicitly entitled to immunity by international law. The way around that is to declare him persona non grata.

  11. I really want a cat but I am a broke college student also I don’t have my own place

  12. Yeah, my bedroom is dark and overall quiet. I live near train tracks, but I don't think that's it, as when I wake up the train usually isn't coming by.

  13. Hm. Then I might talk to your doctor at your next regularly scheduled appointment (assuming it’s not too much for manage until then). Hopefully they should be able to help.

  14. Yes it’s DailyMail but the info comes originally from Wolfe himself.

  15. Now this I’d be much more down for than Dawand Jones

  16. His “problem” (in quotes cause obviously it’s not that big of a problem given his ability) is that his tennis IQ is lower than many players, especially Djokovic or Nadal. If you watch his match against Djokovic at I think Madrid, Djokovic was still obviously not at his athletically best quite yet and that match was ridiculously close. The difference in athletic ability was made up from Djokovic’s tennis IQ. Obviously Alcaraz is young so it’s normal, but improving his shot selection would make him stupid good.

  17. you are probably not going to like the next few years.

  18. ?? What about my comment indicated that in any capacity? If anything I said Alcaraz is only going to get better as he ages and that’ll be crazy to see.

  19. I really hope we end up with a better record than Carolina this year because every comparison between the two teams is pissing me off. They are in vastly different situations and the fact that the Colts are looked like as “bad” for not trading a boatload and then some for the 1st overall pick is stupid. We are not in a division that can be won with an 8-9 record, especially if Lawrence improves further. They are, which is why they’re trying to go all-in.

  20. Eh, borderline HOFer at best, why are they congratulating this scrub compared to some of the other guys in there

  21. To be clear, there is no rule change being proposed YET. But Vincent was clear they want to eliminate it. Sounds like they will ask coaches to help them in this regard.

  22. I know everyone likes Dawand but I just don’t see the value of probably trading up for him to play RT and then kicking a perfectly fine RT inside to RG. Braden had a rough first half of the season but was solid the back half. And that’s probably his worst season every so no reason to think he’s fallen off a cliff or anything. I’d rather spend the pick on a true guard or a CB. We already have a good RT, there’s no need to gamble on another and the ability of Braden to move to RG after he’s been playing tackle for so long. I don’t remember him being all that good when we kicked him inside that one week either.

  23. Very random question, what platform do you use for this? I’m hoping to streamline my process for this far.

  24. Hopefully Speed is good enough in coverage to take over for Bobby. I know everyone here loves Zaire but he's a liability in coverage and should only be the starting SAM LB, not MIKE.

  25. I think we draft a LB in the 3rd or 4th round and let them compete for this reason

  26. Another Matt Ryan game where the play caller stops running the ball in the third quarter for reasons.

  27. I’m like 90% sure we ran an excessive amount in the second half. I specifically remember yelling because we ran up the gut almost every 1st down and most 2nd down. And it wasn’t working well, that’s for sure.

  28. Bryce is almost assuredly going to the Texans at 2 if the Panthers don’t take him. McDaniels said he doesn’t care about height for the QB position multiple times so it’s reasonable to assume their inquiry to 1 was for him. I think they would only jump to 3 for him if Richardson and Stroud go 1-2 in whatever order for some reason. But in that situation we can probably outbid them.

  29. Well at least they moved him back to ST

  30. Trading down for an injured 25 year old prospect because you can't get one of the best QB prospects in the draft is an all time brilliant move

  31. Doyel genuinely makes stuff up. He has little to no credibility.

  32. Extremely doubtful. Doyel loves to pull shit out of his ass.


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