1. Japanese for the whole game except when fighting the horse dude then use english

  2. Elden Ring, Skyrim, Beat Beat Saber, V rising, Kingdom Deliverance, Outward

  3. i read about that one! it looks cool! i should’ve specified, i really like games with super in-depth character customization- specifically, i have to be able to play as a female to actually get into the role playing aspect. in case that sounds creepy, i am a female lol

  4. Than i have the "best" game for you it's called outward

  5. Maybe Diablo 2/3 will scratch that itch they don't really have abillties but they do have effects.

  6. How many hours of content you think DD and DD dark arisen has

  7. What's the best infusion for the guts greatsword, i'm running a faith/strength build

  8. Depends on the proportion of the strength/faith stats.

  9. oh im only level 70 ish so i have 31 strength and 28 faith

  10. I'm finding it ironic that the op who can afford a brand new mac with m1 chip is emphasizing they are broke. Apple is notoriously overpriced and ffxi will have a subscription fee unless it's the private servers. Did all the money go to the mac that can't run any games?

  11. I made a guide the other week using parallels

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