1. Because Daemon isn't a good guy. I dont know why people think he is

  2. I haven't burped in 15 I guess the top 1% of not burping?

  3. Adventure Is Out There was created from Socks. They're very similar. I don't have the link to Socks but if you're just wondering what it sounds like, thats what it is.

  4. Bro, I know what Adventure is Out there sounds like, and I also know that is was created from Socks.

  5. i will not accept this Susie slander, she deserved to win and she’s 1 number most robbed runner up in survivor imo

  6. because Bob didn’t do anything game wise aside from the fake idol, which wasn’t a smart idea since he almost burnt Randy’s vote, and Susie blindsided the biggest power player in the game (Marcus) and bettered her position while doing so and she was always in the majority from start to finish, some people make the argument that Bob had a better social game but they were pretty similar, both of them had jurors who didn’t like them and some who loved them, it wasn’t shown, probably bc he won, but Crystal really didn’t like Bob just like how people like Corinne didn’t like Susie, so socially they’re pretty equal, Bob just got lucky that his alliance was the majority of the jury, i’m not saying Bobs a bad player but Susie just played a better all round game and if she didn’t say anything about the cookie situation to Randy, Randy would’ve voted for her and she would’ve won

  7. Fair enough. I dont think susie played an all around better game than Bob though. Bob was cornered after Marcus was blindsided and won 5 straight immunities plus formed a strong alliance with Sugar to get himself into the final while Susie really just did whatever Matty told her to do for the majority of the game. I will give her credit for the Marcus vote-out but besides that, I think Bob outplayed her. You are right tho, I should give her more credit for always putting herself in good positions.

  8. Tbh I love this season. Even though I was disappointed by people like yau man and FairPlay, the BWB is such a badass alliance and their moves are incredible (especially considering the fact that most of the men this season were incredibly cocky, except for Erik, dude was so sweet but so naive)

  9. I think I will love the season on a rewatch. My expectations were just so high. It still ranks 5th out of the seasons I've watched so far.

  10. that’s true, also i loved Kathy and i felt bad that she wasn’t allowed her anti depressions on the show

  11. Or just let people root for who they want. Stafford was my quarterback from when I was 9 until I was in college. I'm not gonna root against him because of a pick that Holmes will probably use to help trade up like he did with the rams pick this past year

  12. If he was on a likable team I would feel like rooting for him. I hate all LA teams and the Rams are very unlikable

  13. Fair enough. I definitely won't be actively rooting against him though. I trust Holmes to do damage with whatever picks we have

  14. This is the best final 3 of all time and there will never be a final 3 as good as China. So cherish it while you can

  15. I'd wait and see on Cooper due to the QB situation.

  16. Yeah I feel like Lazard has the higher floor for this week but Bateman definitely has the higher ceiling

  17. A hilarious moment from that season is when the horsemen go “shhhh!” 🤫when they find the idol.

  18. While I thought separating by ethnicity was a bit sketch, ultimately I loved this season and at least for the first time there was actually some diversity. The unlikely circumstantial Aitu alliance was just wonderful to watch how they all came together. Yul is still in my top three winners of all time. It was probably the first season of Survivor that I was torn on the winner. While I believe Yul fully deserved it, I felt Ozzy played so well and felt really bad for him.

  19. Yeah I think they pulled off the separating by ethnicity. I think it was kind of poetic that the final 5 had one player from each of the first 4 tribes. Somehow it all worked out and I'm glad it did. I was also very torn between Ozzy and Yul they were both great

  20. This is one of my favourite seasons, and Yul is still to date my favourite winner. I'd never thought about that jury thing before though - you're right, everyone should have had the chance to meet everyone, because otherwise they only know the people through the prism of Tribal Council, which isn't exactly a full picture.

  21. I still appreciate that they tried something different for this season but yeah the 9 person jury seemed not fair to me. Maybe if they had done an 11 player merge then started the jury then it mightve worked better. I still loved the season tho and glad you do too!

  22. I got Goedert and I have Albert O on the bench. I have a feeling he might pop off

  23. Valhallas story is much better but admittedly i have more fun playing odyssey. That location just can't be beat

  24. I'm finishing this season right now and I agree. It feels a bit lackluster to me. Not enough dynamic (or maybe likable??) characters.

  25. Kind of, yeah. Just a lot of players who are good, not great.

  26. You are very brave for posting this! A lot of people love Panama. Personally, I love it when people post their true thoughts. It’s your opinion after all . You made some great points and I can tell you thought a lot about the game and players. I agree with some things. I love Jerry as a person, but he never really had the chance to strategize. We don’t see him as a developed player because of the position he was put in. Aras is an ok. I think the more you watch the seasons, the more you will appreciate the impressive gameplay. Survivor changes so much over the years. You will probably look back on Panama with a different lens.

  27. Thats so nice of you. I truly didn't know how liked this season was. At the end of the day, if its a season of survivor, I'm going to like it. I'd rather watch my least favorite season of survivor than watch any season of another reality show. I still enjoyed watching this season but compared to the others I just didn't find it as good. I look forward to being able to look back

  28. love guatemala. Its a really good story and season where every episode has an interesting plot and people are scheming to save their own arses.

  29. Brandon was awesome! I am really starting to like the no nonsense castaways. Unfortunately, they don't make it too far but those are the kind of people I'd want on my side

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