1. This is a 17hmr? Maybe you can borrow from the geometry of keltecs 30rd 22magnum mags

  2. 8AM EST happens when this comment is 20 hours and 41 minutes old.

  3. 10-9 probs, if you get a 10 its a 40 dollar card so only grade for looks

  4. I just upvoted every comment that mentioned using your ears. But to make this more concrete:

  5. I can say definitively that there are a lot of performance issues having played it, and as a professional in computer building, repair, and maintenance, but if you're questing for a reliable source, that may not help from a random redditor. That being said, you shouldn't need to be a certified repair technician to play a game. The average person should expect at least average results. 4-5 novice sources is enough to say it's probably going to be an issue when there aren't a lot of people out there already playing. 5 out of a million is negligible. 5 out of 50 is pretty high. It all depends on how many reviewers there are reporting on performance.

  6. Ahhhh there we go. FINALLY I can respect you a little. Look little bro, I was 17 once, it's a fun but confusing age at times. You're expected to be an adult soon but let's be honest, you aren't ready. Here's some advice, not asshole advice but serious advice.

  7. I’m not talm bout bron im jus saying he can come close to it in next 5 years kd averaging 30 Ppg at 34 and he says he wanna play for a min

  8. It's still pretty shitty and only legally guarantees 15% of what the child earns to be placed in a trust.

  9. The rake is higher than most rooms in the world. Whatever meal you got, you paid it 45 times in the last hour of play. 17$ rake at 2/5 is a robbery.

  10. I have a 42" C2 on a 25" desk and it is fine for me. I play FPS, action games and factory sim games. It's good for all of those. I can't speak about photo editing. Don't know how this well it calibrates.

  11. Your team sucks. Get 14 star beasthan, 14 star UGB with 2X zenkai, 14 star demon, 21 star ex gokua zenkai, and rainbow star yellow GB with gods blessing. Also get all XYZ++X2 gear then your team might be a little viable (I’m joking, even with all that your beating Frieza in chapter 2 at MOST)

  12. The fact that this is a discussion makes little to no sense for me in Brazil. These cost breakdowns for the 'maintenence' of a donkey just blew my mind.

  13. Ok du hast also das aktive blitzen mitbekommen.

  14. Traditional chinese medicine is where you get a consultation with a TCM doc and then they prescribe a blend of herbs etc. for your specific case. Mine is about 30+ herbs, it's then boiled with water for e.g. 1h 30 and it becomes herbal medicine that you drink. You're meant to go back every week or so, so that they can adjust your prescription until you've recovered. I haven't been able to do that as I'm now in the UK, hence finding other healthcare practicioners as additional support. I did have ok TCM practicioners in the UK that have successfully helped me with much milder sicknesses, but they weren't good enough/up to date enough to handle long covid. So I went running back to my old doctor in Asia after 4 months of barely functioning, constantly having allergies/struggling to breathe/eat/sleep daily, with no help from the NHS.

  15. wait so the stock 4G63 is a 2.0L. De- stroking my guess is lowering the stroke length meaning the car has a optimal bore-stroke ratio for higher revs? Can you explain it to me cause I'm genuinely interested.

  16. I would like to note that I was on hours 21 through 24 of a 24-hour stream at that time, so I wasn't my best. It was a lot of fun though, and very meaningful. It was a good chance for him to get started in a smaller environment.

  17. Overall, if you are a sound nerd like me... Elite Dangerous has prob some of the best sounds in gaming.. its just a shame the game is otherwise left for dead.

  18. POW #1, EYE #2, CON #3. No more than +13 to SPD+FLD combined, preferably SPD dominant of those 13. Get it to 17/20 and finish with AMPs to achieve this.

  19. Yeah they pay a LOT of money in some cases to be told utter nonsense about how energy balance isn't real and how they need to eat just butter for 3 days. You can pay Kelly Hogan $925 to be told to eat fat all day

  20. I'm having trouble beating 2-5-2 on expert in under 60 sec, what is a good team setup for this fight?

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