1. Percy Fawcett was a real-life explorer and amateur archeologist, later turned academic, who was probably the main real-life inspiration for Indy!

  2. is that really how Dinah looks now? reminds me of Love and Rockets a lot. What was the name of Hopey's former lover?

  3. Punk Crisis: The Global Punk Rock Revolution by Raymond A. Patton

  4. Given my excitement and hope for Indy 4, I'll refrain from any enthusiasm. I definitely am interested, but until then, I'll just watch 1-3 and hope for the best.

  5. it costs nearly 7K for 2 people to leave a country. That's the expatriation fee, about $3.5K on average per person to leave... $2,350 goes to the State Department plus moving expenses and or passport cost.

  6. Probably the Bronze Age Batman Family... Bruce, Dick, Barbara. but I cannot sleep on Tim Drake, Herald, Dick as Nightwing in the early 90's either.

  7. I would argue that quintessential DC writers are either long gone, recently gone, or aged to retirement... Denny O'neil, Len Wein, or perhaps Marv Wolfman, or Maggin or Bates.

  8. that list almost ignores the entirety of the first 5 decades of DC.

  9. Max Landis and his "Superman: American Alien" six-issue limited series comics. In some ways, they're very good and in other ways terrible.

  10. I agree completely, even tho the American Alien story gets a lot of praise.

  11. Is it fair to say that Byrne didn't know a lot? He was a fan from the Silver Age and had a big Superman collection, even by the 80's.

  12. The United States needs to get as far away from that "God" bullshit as possible. It's having a hell of an effect on women's reproductive rights right now.

  13. Hi, Isaiah... I loved your TAS inspired art... these are all fab too! Way to go.

  14. This photo manip of Cavill in an EARTH 2 inspired uniform is amazing! So much better than what they went with in the DCEU

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