1. Very positive on, have used it often.

  2. What will the winning numbers be in tonight's Euromillions draw?

  3. Looks great, I'm starving now looking at it.

  4. The ones for this year were published shortly before Christmas 2021.

  5. "Many of the Irish followers of the NFL also enjoy betting on games through reliable sites and apps provided by reputable sources such as this list of the best betting websites available"- what is this nonsense?

  6. No, why would it be? If you're due a refund they will use the details to make the payment.

  7. 6 or 7. Can hold a tune and sing fine in a group.

  8. There are lots of Rhododendron growing in the Abbeyleix Bog Project, they too look pretty when they flower.

  9. So does Himalayan Balsam, and Japanese Knotweed. But they choke everything else out.

  10. They could be doing up to 10 subjects for JC cycle (LC cycle is usually 7). So more books. And cos they're the smallest of all, maybe the bags looks biggest on them.

  11. In our school you used to try all subject in 1st year before choosing specific ones for 2nd year. Something like 16 subjects was what I did lol.

  12. We didn't get to try anything unfortunately. Everything was mandatory except for one choice - Home Econ, Mech Drawing, Art or Music. You didn't get to try them and you had to commit to one in your first week. And you were stuck with it then for 3 years.

  13. Something masquerading as Chinese food at a truck stop "restaurant" in California. Gelatinous mystery meat and a sauce so gloopy it would've taken a week to pour out of the bowl.

  14. Too much hard work. Not willing to put in 60/70 hours a week to get that business going.

  15. And play by the EU-rules because those bankers in "the City" are destroying UK's economy with their dumb special laws and rules! As soon as they got wind of how the EU wanted to form a strong block on solid tax-rates, taxes on dividend etc. they started lobbying to leave... And they got away with it!

  16. I just accept it as a natural part of life. Death comes to us all, not like I'm being singled out when I go.

  17. I do different things every Sunday. Because I can. Yesterday I went out for a delicious lunch with extended family.

  18. Dry. Sometimes I crank up the ol' dry ice machine, pretend I'm in a 1980s pop video.

  19. That's for both parents, the 6 months I'd only for the birth parent so it's not included.

  20. They separate it into mothers and fathers though - "Study found time off for parents here at 7.6 weeks for mothers and just 0.5 weeks for fathers".

  21. Maybe it's that 6 months on less than a third of what most people take home isn't really 6 months paid?

  22. Some employers top it up, so it still wouldn't be accurate.

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