1. If they're angry now, wait until they find out where the money to repair public property comes from.

  2. Considering they have started to throw bricks at police officers heads and are burning down government buildings. I don’t think they care much about that in the near future.

  3. Found the guy that is just finding out about French people.

  4. I knew they went crazy but over pension reform? Here in Australia people would just whine about it. Honesty a bit jealous.

  5. Wait people think he just destroys the village? I always thought that was the result of his fight with Boruto, but it makes sense that could be from Code.

  6. It’s mainly people from Boruto Twitter. But I have seen people on Reddit punishing the whole Kawaki destroys the village because he goes “mad” or because everyone finds out his real identity. Could also be from the Boruto fight, but I would hope both of them are smarter enough to not have a all out fight in a urban area.

  7. Code some obtains and controls a 10 tails? Bijuu bombs could definitely line up with the damage shown.

  8. Or more like Kawaki shall now pain. Could you imagine Boruto with Sarada or Hima being his Konan sticking a chakra rod up Kawaki’s a**

  9. Nice thought until “mini Sasuke” Himawari is attacking Boruto to defend her “brother” and avenge her parents. Man the manga truly will have so much emotional weight in the future.

  10. But that's good because it means he won't get too fat before the season. You see he's only 24 which means he can't be expected to eat a reasonable diet when he's unsupervised! 🙄

  11. Luka also said that he wants a Olympic medal more then a NBA championship. So stopping him from playing for Slovenia is impossible.

  12. I mean… i feel like every non U.S. born player would say that. Like Pulisic would rather win a World Cup than premier league I bet

  13. A lot of NBA fans don’t realise the importance of Olympic gold since the US usually sleep walks to it. Novak Djokovic is regarded by many as the GOAT of tennis but broke down crying after he failed to win Serbia a medal in 2021.

  14. Hunger Games was surprisingly good for a YA franchise. Also over 400m DOM is crazy.

  15. And this is the lowest-hanging fruit take. The thing none of y'all are really contending with is that ANY white player doing moderately well in a black-dominated league is an underdog story. The point you're actually making is: the Reaves underdog story white fans are jiving with (and wait silently in the shadows for) just so happens to be emerging on a storied franchise which = more visibility for the underdog. But doing this false equivalency shit with THT is the some genuine race-ignorance

  16. Or it’s just a Laker bias. Luka is white as fuck but he ain’t getting a 1 hour long highlight video from the NBA even after a 60/20/10 game.

  17. Ted Lasso has been nominated for 40 Emmys and won 11 including Outstanding Comedy Series in 2021 and 2022. So it’s not just a Reddit thing.

  18. Okay well maybe it’s better this way. After the rabbi bill Clinton thing I assumed this was a person with either completely nonsensical garbage ideas or a typical right-o politics garbage man who was obfuscating his opinion behind the most complicated misdirection (something along the lines of bill clinton (a democrat) is a rabbi (a Jew) and therefore conspiracy).

  19. According to a big gaming journalist who spoke with him, the kid understood when he spoke Hebrew but tried to pretend he didn’t and is likely Jewish himself. This is the same kids from a couple of years ago who protested for a free Hong Kong at the NBA and he’s also the same kid who protested Blizzard at Blizzcon. Reportedly was seen around the Oscar’s this year. He might have extremely wealthy parents and is just bored.

  20. Why the hell would Daemon want to become Himawari's protector? He doesnt know her and he already has a sister he wants to protect

  21. Inb4 his sister continues to ignore him in favour of Kawaki. Maybe he will start thinking for himself.

  22. Mavs fans told me earlier the Mavs would beat the Grizzlies, and not lose in 5 when I made my playoff predictions earlier

  23. Or, and hear me out on this, we could actively hamper reconstruction efforts so they never pose a threat again. Russia's so desperate to paint itself as a victim? Let's victimize it, then.

  24. All that means is that Russia sells its country off to China. China buying up Russia on fire sale is something the west does not want.

  25. Yeah like Jesus Christ. I have flu like symptoms right now and this is making me so anxious.

  26. Unfornately there aren’t unlimited immigrants either, so you’ll still need to tweak the pension system at some point.

  27. Africa’s current population is over 1.2 Billion and is projected to double to over 2.5 Billion by 2050. The Middle East is projected to increase from 476 million to over 724 million in 2050.

  28. I’m Australian so we really aren’t replacing anyone. We have the highest foreign born population in the western world at over 27% and over 48% of people have a foreign born parent. Immigration has worked wonders for us and i will always advocate for it. The French don’t want immigrants and don’t want to raise the retirement age, eventually something will give.

  29. Hey I’m new to the game. Just wondering how long will the Kid Laroi skin be available to purchase?

  30. How can Ukraine ever be defeated in attrition with literally the whole world (except China and Iran) supporting them? That doesn't make any sense. The US would like to retort with 100 billion dollars.

  31. The US said they will be able to produce 90k artillery shells a month within 2 years time. Ukraine sometimes uses more then that a month. Western nations didn’t heavily stock up on artillery shells or production for them as they are not part of NATO doctrine. NATO runs a air superiority based army while Russia is a artillery based army. Since Ukraine doesn’t have air superiority, they are having to fire a lot of artillery.

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