1. Meyers goes 4 for 4, hits for the cycle, gets 6 RBIs

  2. The only time people still talk about the black Sox is when people are saying “people still talk about the black Sox”

  3. I'll have you know I have a banner in my house that reads "The White Sox are cheating soulless bastards"

  4. Why God? Why are we still posting and talking about this guy? Hes on the Browns now. We can all move on. We can talk about literally anything else.

  5. Other people are enjoying posts that I do not enjoy! This must be stopped!!! I can’t be expected to scroll past something I don’t care about so everyone else must cater to me!!!!!

  6. Yeah thats what I'm saying. It has nothing to do with the fact that him liking a picture on Instagram has nothing to do with the Texans and shouldn't be on

  7. Professional would appreciate paid work in their chosen profession

  8. While this is an obvious thought for a lot of us there are plenty of actors that do a big show and want to move on from that character and do other things. So these are often more of a "actor doesn't NOT want to stay in this universe."

  9. Oh really? Tight. Pick another Actor then for that example lol

  10. Here's my piece of advice. I worked as a coiled tubing hand in from 2014-2015. Got a Class A license to drive the rigs with equipment and everything.

  11. LF and RF would likely be his only two playable positions. However, he has played a lot of outfield this year and hasn’t exactly been a bad fielder so they could give him decent fielding attributes.

  12. 2 outfield assists throwing home too. That should be in consideration. Hes not nearly as bad in the field as people assume without watching him. No hes not great but he deserves a little more credit.

  13. I want Ryne Stanek to get a card. Hes been pitching lights out.

  14. It's to the point now where I'm surprised when someone DOESN'T get death threats when voicing their opinion online.

  15. KC fans after Tyreek chokes his pregnant girlfriend: Aw its cool bro we don't care, come play here we will love you

  16. This is one of those times we all need to remember we aren't the organization working with him daily. We don't know as much as they do about identifying talent and which to stick with and which to give up on and trade. Just keep the faith and wait and see. Hes getting older but he can still be a useful pitcher for the team. Not everyone pans out exactly how they are estimated, hindsight is always 20/20.

  17. It’s not the do all tel all, but if we can’t win series against the top teams in the league, it doesn’t look good

  18. For sure you want to win against them but its not the end all be all. We've lost big series in the regular season before and made it very far. It is a nice Guage on how we are doing but we know what this team is capable of. Just have to stay in first and make the play offs.

  19. That’s what I’m trying to say though, I’m sure you don’t disagree with me but They’re important games, if they lose these games against these very tough opponents, I will for sure not be as confident in the team as I was yesterday. That’s just how it works. Will I give up on them and say they’re trash? No, cuz ik it’s just a few games but it would be nice to win these and gain confidence for the team

  20. I feel less confident in the team when we lose to bad teams not when we lose to good teams. Idk that's just me.

  21. In my fanfic Sadio and Mo continue their friendly rivalry off the pitch, trying to outdo the other with their altruism, investing all their income in their hometowns, making smart innovative choices along the way. By the time they are elderly, both Nagrig and Bambali are thriving metropolises. After signing sister cities agreement and walking away smiling from the photographers and media personnel, a shadow engulfs Mané's face.

  22. It gets really dirty when they start investing their money into the other one's home village. Lol you think I can help my people really well look how much I'll help your people lololol.

  23. Come on over. I'll pop that suckered out with some pliers for 50 bucks.

  24. Its fuckin pathetic. All these losers do is bitch and moan in here. Lol

  25. I'd argue Meadow gave Tony alot problems to his home life and mental health. She called out his bs and prejudices and also her relationships with Noah, Jackie Jr. and the Scatinos all did a number on Tony because they made him question his morality and self loathing

  26. I didnt want to say anything when you said it in the main post because typos happen but seeing it again here makes me feel like I have to.

  27. Just before the camera cut away, he sack tapped Jackson for taking the ring.

  28. One of the rare times we get picked on in one of these highlights. Theres a number of them worth picking on. But they don't usually do it in this sub. Now I know what the Lions and Browns fans feel here. Lol

  29. he’s not a very good 2b so we’ve been playing arraez at first and polanco at 2b

  30. You would have to dismiss people by section as to not clog the hallways let alone the parking lot. Lol

  31. You know a lot of dudes get drafted out of college and start out at 21 or 22. 23 in triple A is not bad at all.

  32. And led the league in batting avg last year. "Begins to age" = production drop off in this context.

  33. Led the American League not the entire Major League. Just a clarification for anyone that might read that the wrong way.

  34. There is a website that has a list of non-athletes who they have made 2019 cards for...

  35. I’ve never heard of this, and it’s completely wonderful! I particularly like the Rip Cards- just such a temptation to destroy this thing that should be collected to see what’s inside. What a delightful way to do these cards.

  36. I actually totally forgot about rip cards. Yeah its totally wild.

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