1. Mine is dead, so I get them for necrophilia.

  2. Got my messiah impression, i think i got it nailed down. Such a great line.

  3. I worked with this dude that dipped cheese-its in ketchup. Everyday. For lunch. Like a grown 30 year old man.

  4. I’ve never seen someone butcher typing “Want to” that many times.

  5. 5 mins before the video "yeah we will give u a good tip if you play along for our video"

  6. I was stuck between this, Blade Runner 2049 and Mad Max.


  8. Legitimate question here. Could they have climbed to the blade that is at a slight incline to escape the fire?

  9. Blades are made mostly of fiberglass and epoxy. Usually catch in fire first and burn fast as hell.

  10. They should kick it, be a confidence boost for Maher

  11. No matter what I order from subway, spicy italian, Italian bmt, or just a regular plain ass ham. Painful explosive diarrhea afterwards

  12. Its only with subway for some reason. Not regular lunch meat or regular sandwiches. Hell taco bell does even do that to me

  13. Both teams get possession of ball even if first team scores TD

  14. Why does romo have a commercial where he acts like a mentally limited person. Did anyone see that

  15. Lol. Imagine giving up such a big lead in the second half. Hahahha. Wait

  16. Trevor looks like fucking joe montana against the colts. But cant do shit against the chargers. This is bullshit. Hahah

  17. Worse than dead. Completely lost it and cannot drink.

  18. Only thing i can maybe say is, foles hasnt played all season in a game. And hasn’t practiced with this group. But goddamn son.

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