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  1. Kinda just made me realize she was a stupid idiot (was never a stan tho). Like it doesn’t matter the “story” behind the shirt or whatever, any normal person can look at that slogan and know what kind of reaction it will illicit and who it will hurt. That should be enough.

  2. At least once a day I think “why am I feeling so weird? Am I about to throw up? Am I having a panic attack?” And then 10 minutes later I realise I need to go to the bathroom

  3. I agree but still agree he’s hot. I also think Charlie Day is pretty adorable though.

  4. I was misdiagnosed with BPD last year. I was properly diagnosed with adhd/autism this year, the shoe fits a lot better

  5. To the ppl who think J calling V a cunt is blasphemy, would love to hear what you say about people when you're not pretending to be a feminist saint on Reddit. 😂

  6. I have meltdowns all the time and my mom just yells at me to grow up

  7. I'm sorry this is your experience. I understand this very well. I'm much farther down the road than you, but I never had support from my parents and have so much experience because of that. If you're ever in need of someone to tell you you're not alone, drop me a line. You're not alone and you deserve support, understanding and accomodations <3

  8. I’m curious, if you feel like sharing, what constitutes a meltdown for you. What it feels like, looks like, tends to be caused by. I’ve also tried many meds and treatments, and I’ve seen the most success in awareness and accommodation. I support many people with disabilities (both personally and professionally, including myself) and I’m convinced that we pretty much always have reasons and ways to work with them. Seeking help here is a great step in self-advocating!

  9. I don't mind sharing at all. Sorry for the delay, I spent most of yesterday recovering and trying to pull out of a spiral.

  10. The lynel on the great plateau can be beaten and they give you the means to fight it.You get a knights claymore from one of the flying platforms which can kill the lynel with mounted attacks.Theres also some bugs near the shrine of resurrection which can mix for an attack elixer.With all that you can beat the lynel sure it's difficult,but it's master mode and you should be skilled enough before you attempt it.

  11. Let me play master mode with full avoidance, don’t force your lust for war on the rest of us.

  12. We’ve almost created a debris shell around the planet, I think you might have some validity to your feelings

  13. Whenever this comes up, I think about how the people doing this get up and get dressed and go to work and function in society…. but also do this? I cannot wrap my head around it.

  14. 💀 this is amazing. Show him some of Karissa Collins’ “food”

  15. I’m really struggling rn with my AuDHD/cptsd. I feel like my whole life is a waste and I drive everyone away. I’m grateful for this sub, it provides a needed distraction to my brain.

  16. I like the autisminwomen, aspergirls and autisticwithadhd subreddits. I don’t know for sure if I also have cptsd but really like that subreddit too. (If you are also looking for support)

  17. But the apology is to Sierra, not the public. The important thing is that Sierra sees it. She doesn’t owe us anything. If anything, this option is worse for Kaitlyn because it’s less likely the public will see it and let her off the hook.

  18. The hurt was public, so I think maybe that’s why people would like the apology to be public also?

  19. Flo was so harsh, I would’ve felt bad if it wasn’t Hayden. We’ve seen nearly all the guys this season sweat like that. And no hate to Flo, I think it could be a cultural thing that she’s so blunt.

  20. It’s definitely cultural 🫠 Australians don’t beat around the bush as much. With words. In general they beat around the bush a lot

  21. I was thinking of her Dutch background but that makes sense too

  22. Oh yeah! I had forgotten about that also. My grandfather is Dutch and I can tel you that yes. YES. Cultural. This man saw me eating a piece of bread at 11pm and told me I might have to book an extra seat on the plane 🫠

  23. It’s crazy to see so much resemblance in your features but in such different ways! I love this post, I love both of your styles. I think you’re spot on with the yin/yang opinion.

  24. I am not sure why you are so hostile? Personally I’ve found the system helpful and I consider his celebrity typing pretty consistent. If you are referring to Selena Gomez, someone here on reddit had figured her out as TR shortly before he verified her, with very convincing arguments and many people had agreed with that person’s analysis. It’s really not that deep, I see plenty of people using the system very successfully without having a consultation or ever planning to have one. It’s a bit tiring that those who work with it and see some kind of logic in it are painted as brainwashed cult followers. And this is coming from someone who probably wouldn’t have a consultation even if it was possible simply because I don’t think my aesthetic and Kibbe’s aesthetic would line up.

  25. I replied to you bc you disagreed with OP based on points and based on points I disagreed (non derogatory) with you. I’m confused, I thought this place was for discussion. Allow me to show myself out

  26. You are loved. I’m 33 and this is my story also. I hope you’re able to find a person, a community or something to prop you up when you need it. When you’re so disconnected from yourself and you’ve never been shown healthy relationship from family, it’s incredibly difficult to maintain friendships. Just know there are people out there who will accept you as you are 🖤

  27. I actually feel bad for Jessenia, Andrew is not the upstanding “good” guy people like to make him out to be.

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