1. I wish the adblockers worked as fina as on Firefox, and since I also have got a PC, Its nice to have shared bookmarks etc. Otherwize I would have used Safari Which IS the best blocker today for safarik and does it block YT ads? =)

  2. Heads up—Chrome is literally, objectively, and demonstrably slowing down your Mac regardless of whether Chrome itself is running. Better yet, this has happened since you first installed it; on that note, installation reproduces malware behaviour so the performance hit survives the app's deletion... unless you know how to fix it. This is due to faulty and unpatched programming from Google.

  3. Wonder if this is a thing with Edge. It did include a separate updater for Microsoft apps, but maybe that’s different. I’ll have to check.

  4. Yep at least I don’t have to worry about whether I’ll have money to buy something I need. When I die, I’ll just have all my savings donated to a good cause.

  5. Usually implies turbo. I don’t think they had turbos versions? Maybe outside the states 🤷‍♂️ Re-read your Q. Most likely added after for Street and racing cred. It’s more fearsome now lol

  6. There’s actually a G20t, it’s the “touring” model I think. Biggest difference as far as I could tell is the rear wing. And you’re right, there was no turbo model for this car.

  7. You ✌️“got rear ended”✌️ you mean… i feel ya fin gang 🫶🏻i know what you mean.

  8. I use [email protected] (channel ketamine flow, uptempo) and (thunder - medium effect). sometimes I use rain rain app too.

  9. Also worth mentioning Endel. Although it probably doesn’t produce enough noise to drown out other noises if you don’t have active noise cancelling earphones.

  10. I tried to hide a C4 inside of the base of a flag, it kept getting attached to the pole instead. I thought I was able to do this in MW19 but can’t remember clearly.

  11. A lot of us FA people are already very unlucky . Watch a lot of us live until 80+

  12. I’ve got the tub version. You gotta really dig through your taste buds to find the lemonade. But not bad.

  13. 100% it happened on the track and the guy didn’t have coverage otherwise it would’ve been at the shop

  14. Imagine buying a car like that and not having coverage

  15. “I CANT SEE! THERE ARE CARS MOTHERFUCKER!” or whatever Tobey Maguire said

  16. Sony WF-1000XM4 is what I use in the office to drown out my coworkers’ loud typing. Personally feel they have better ANC than the AirPods Pro (1st gen). Although they are a bit larger and may not be the best fit if you have ears on the smaller side.

  17. No not really. I've developed an unhealthy habit of repressing my romantic/sexual desires over the years to cope with being undesirable.

  18. Same. And if anybody ever showed interest in me anymore, because of this, I’d shove it away without thinking about it. Not because I want to, it’s just the way I’ve become. I don’t want to be hopeful anymore, I just want to let it all go.

  19. They just really want to get a feel for the ER before they graduate.

  20. Gotta get that real world experience. Know what it’s like to be on the other side.

  21. Yep, not living anymore, just existing. Unfortunately it's going to be a long time continuing to suffer until that happens.

  22. Pretty much there. Other than having a job, but at the end of the day it feels pointless when you’ve got nothing to show for it, nobody to share it with.

  23. Everytime I play, my team is normal people, and my enemies are just a little better, causing there to be close games. Sometimes though, like in hardpoint or control or something, I'll be the only one working...

  24. Yep. My first game yesterday was hardpoint. We were initially doing okay, we were winning, I was doing pretty good. Halfway through it’s like everybody on my team stopped trying. Half the team running around on the side of the map opposite the hardpoint. Maybe 2 of us are pushing to re-cap, but it’s pointless on your own. I left, had my daily challenges completed anyways.

  25. I really need to hook up the rear dashcam on my car…

  26. Coming in a little late here, I personally use the Sony WF-1000XM4 to block out my coworker’s typing sounds. I do need to have some music playing for when they slam the Enter key lol, but it doesn’t have to be loud to do the trick.

  27. It’s weird because this is the cleanest, newest looking item I ever bought as “Used” from someone and everything was packed as brand new :D

  28. I’m the type of person to repack it all when selling. I keep the boxes and packaging for all my electronics lol.

  29. Exactly, and I don’t wanna blow my money on an apartment, I wanna save up for a house I actually OWN.

  30. Yeah but that takes time. People on there want instant gratification.

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