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  1. Unfounded? There were nba reporters saying at the time that his ties to Arizona is why they took him over doncic.

  2. It was just tweets and stuff, you can try and find them if you're that interested.

  3. Nah, I’ll just not believe it. Burden of proof is on the person who makes the claim.

  4. The only one of these who even has an argument for being better than Goff is Jameis

  5. 2021 Jameis was a top 15 QB before his ACL tear.

  6. 🎶When a grid's misaligned with another behind....

  7. If you’re that miserable to unsubscribe over some harmless memes then I don’t think anyone will miss you much

  8. Didn’t say you were. You made it sound like assuming things from small pieces of information is a bad thing, when you were assuming Jameson is stupid based on an even smaller piece of information

  9. He’s a 21 year old kid, I wouldn’t be surprised if that took him a week or more to grow lol

  10. People are talking about how he's acting when BOTH hands are being rubbed. Like WHOA I CAN FEEL IT. No shit, your real hand is being rubbed.

  11. The feeling comes from touching the real hand but it feels like it’s located on the plastic hand

  12. I hate Luis Arraez more than any other player I’ve ever watched

  13. The Tigers hitting philosophy is straight out of the 1970s. Every hard hit ball is hit on the ground

  14. He definitely has championed Murray over other prospects. It’s not just that he does that, though. It’s that he knows there’s a large percentage of fans that are pining for better days and he makes them feel unreasonable for having high expectations for once.

  15. Being condescending isn’t the same thing as “not having journalistic integrity” lol

  16. I never said he didn’t have integrity. He does. But I don’t like his vibe at times.

  17. I agree with almost everything you said. That’s not what I was replying to originally though. I just took exception to the idea he doesn’t have journalistic integrity.

  18. He really gave the max to an injury proned MPJ and dipped

  19. Yeah pretty amazing people are acting like this is some heist for Minnesota

  20. Not what I meant. I said “they are only good when everyone is healthy because…”

  21. If you’re asking what OTAs are, they are organized team activities. Basically just the practices which lead up to training camp, but with no live contact or one-on-one drills. They’re also optional, as opposed to minicamp, which is not.

  22. They used to be long ago. Even if it was sloppy, you could show it to someone and they could make out the name.

  23. Not sure why you said “these kids” then, considering many, many players from like the 60s on have completely illegible signatures

  24. I already am finding myself disliking Jamo due to these stupid memes. Downvotes on all of them.

  25. I managed to get one when they were super rare but it somehow got a big scratch in it :/

  26. Cool man. If you want to just add me for design rights, I’m cool with that. Is there a private test sub that y’all work designs out for before it goes live?

  27. Hey, for some reason I can't send you DM's, so here's the DM i was gonna send you:

  28. Ive had some major life changes that keep me from being as involved as Id like to be (nothing bad just time consuming). It might be better for the sub to pass on some of my responsibilities to someone who has more time to give it the attention it deserves.

  29. It's not different, and there is no issue with full nudity and there never ever should be.

  30. Why are you so aggressive? You spent like half your argument attacking the dude for stuff he already knows lol.

  31. If a specific type is proven ineffective that specific type will stop. Hence the entire point of this thread.

  32. Does that person seriously think it’s possible to have that significant of an effect on it?

  33. Just because you aren’t significant doesn’t mean you can’t try.

  34. I mean I agree with that, but for something like advertising which is specifically tailored for as many people as possible, it seems like a losing battle imo. It’s really easy to just ignore ads especially with AdBlock

  35. Yes please! I live in Montreal and would love to see some games here instead of having to drive six hours+ to Toronto.

  36. Too bad there weren’t more people like you when the Expos existed

  37. Lol amazing how Soto has a 3.18 ERA and 1 blown save and y’all treat him like Jose Valverde

  38. The only prospect left from the JV trade? Hope he turns it around.

  39. I hope he didn't get Vertigo from the Covid vaccine (it is one of the possible side effects)

  40. There's been an uptick in cases since the vaccine was rolled out

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