1. They for sure have a high scoring offense so I agree. These teams I was taking into account INT/FF/Sacks etc into "exciting".

  2. Lions have been getting a lot of takeaways too despite overall bad defense

  3. I’m pretty sure his average TD was like 60 yards or something crazy at Bama

  4. I mean, why is everyone committed to these absolute statements? It actually is possible to read the tea leaves on the moves Brad Holmes has made as GM to this point, consider the likely draft board, the timeline of the rebuild, and make a reasonable prediction.

  5. You are the only one who made an absolute statement. Saying it’s “very likely” they do anything 5 months before the draft is not reasonable.

  6. The guy I replied to said 0% chance lol, what could be more absolute than that? By contrast, "very likely" is clearly not an absolute statement because it leaves open the possibility that it is not the case

  7. Ok, yeah, that 0% statement is definitely dumb, I guess I forgot what the context of the comment was. But still, it’s not very obvious that Holmes is targeting QB. They haven’t really telegraphed their moves at all. It would be advisable to take QB if they like one, but it’s still way too early in the process to know anything.

  8. Since you are an admin, and always shitting on people, can you follow the rules and delete your post? It is a duplicate post and violating the rules you are supposed to enforce.

  9. The other post doesn’t include the information about Okwara. And I don’t know why you think that about me, i remove almost nothing. Weird comment

  10. Will we ever see the Okwara brothers healthy at the same time? :(

  11. If we have a shot to draft Carter, Anderson, or a QB Holmes likes we better not trade back.

  12. I despise Catalon and Lofton, yet that’s all I hear as a Jags fan

  13. They’re 100 times better than Chris Myers who we have this week.

  14. I don't need a video to tell me something that can be answered in a few words. O-Line is dead.

  15. The run game has been completely nonexistent for 2 years running now. That hurts an offense’s potential and reflects partially on McVay.

  16. Honestly i mostly posted this to make fun of the article. Florio is such a weird dude lol

  17. I know you’re salty right now, but just imagine how salty you’re gonna be after tomorrow when we sweep you guys in a down year for us.

  18. I’m not sure that’s worse than celebrating sweeping a 3-9 team

  19. It is costing the billionaires who own the team some money. They happen to be the ones gutting the team. But I agree that it really has nothing to do with the championship win, so it was a totally misplaced question from the start. But if it had had anything to do with the championship obviously fans would say it was worth it.

  20. I don’t know why people always say “it costs the billionaires money, why should the fans care” as if the vast majority of owners don’t set a budget which their team has to stand by. Because of that contract they can’t sign other players. That’s why the fans care.

  21. I personally would like to go defense with both our 1sts and take a Richardson with one of our 2nds. Sit him behind Goff and see what happens with the high ceiling.

  22. Richardson might not even declare. We'll see but I would bet he ends up a 3rd-4th if he does this year

  23. Nice to see a coach taking concussions seriously instead of treating them as "back injuries."

  24. If they were in the playoff race I don’t doubt he would have done the same thing

  25. What does that have ANYTHING to do with what I said?

  26. The Lions secondary is just as bad as the Jags if not worse. Lions linebackers are much worse as well.

  27. It's because the Jags Secondary is whack. Watch a Jags game and look how fast it goes from snap to pass.

  28. Bryce Perkins will help the Lions get Bryce Young. It’s all coming together

  29. Kanye, in his bipolar-fueled Twitter frenzy last night, claims that he caught Chris Paul fucking Kim.

  30. Reading these comments it’s obvious this sub is gonna go through another year of calling every prospect in the draft terrible even though they clearly have never watched them.

  31. I don’t really have a strong preference because I’m not a scout and don’t pretend to have that level of knowledge. I like certain players but at the end of the day it’s all just complete speculation, people saying Bryce is going to be terrible, elite, whatever, nobody actually knows.

  32. he played 66 games last year with 25 minutes per game and scored 7 points on 38/26/77 splits. people had great reason to call him a bust

  33. Yeah and he was a 20 year old who still showed very good defensive instincts and playmaking. Calling somebody like that a bust is crazy considering how many guys we’ve seen build up an offensive arsenal over years.

  34. Those two roll-around 3's in the fourth were honestly insane. Must have been deflating to watch someone that was touted as a bust absolutely ice the game. Happy for Killian though, great to see him shining while Cade is out!

  35. Maybe a 21 year old who missed significant time due to injury shouldn’t be touted as a bust

  36. Can someone explain to me the difference between P2 calling out Murray publicly and half the early 2010s Seahawks calling out Russ publicly? When those dudes do it it’s okay bc Russ is a clown but it’s somehow an issue when Pat Pete does it.

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