1. I mean, it's your responsibility to show up for a flight you booked, and you booked transportation from Madrid to Lima.

  2. Yeah, this is a good cautionary tale for those flying on separate tickets. There are so many times people post about gaps between separate tickets and seem to forget that flight delays exist. This provided hardly any leeway for things to go wrong and it makes no sense when the cost of rebooking the onward flight is so substantial.

  3. Given how Barajas is laid out, with luggage it's barely enough time for things to go right for someone new to the airport. MAD baggage time is probably the single weakest point of the airport and then you have to make it between terminals that are only connected with a bus that can sometimes take up to 20 minutes to arrive and another 15-20 minutes to get to T4. Could easily be 90 minutes with no flight delays. If arriving into T4 it would help a lot, but still, luggage from non-Schengen flights is especially bad there.

  4. It won’t let me reply with a picture, but go watch my story on @veronica.bees on IG

  5. I don't know what that means. I'll google it... I got nothing. It says sapiosexual. Is that what you meant?

  6. His cell phone isn’t the only phone he used, or could have used. His use of landlines isn’t reflected on his cell phone record - which is why it makes no sense not to pull Hay’s pager records.

  7. People don't remember how phone systems were then at all. You would try to use landlines when possible to not use up your cell minutes. That was before rollover minutes became a thing, too.

  8. United livestreams communications between your pilots and the ATC controller. It’s on channel 9 of the audio entertainment.

  9. It's pretty much just New England that can be weird about it.

  10. Keep in mind roaming is free within the EU so any SIM you buy should be valid everywhere. If you're going through the UK make sure it's included since it's no longer required but most still do.

  11. Yeah the 'fotomatón' is kind of ubiquitous in Madrid as we have to give our own photos for IDs and stuff so you can find them all over the city. While the boring ID photos are always on offer, they usually have some more fun things for people who might want it.

  12. Tipping is very normal in Spain, I don't get what people here saying never tipping are on about. It's just not American style tipping. I'd say the response of 5-10€ for a meal like that is about right. Tips should also generally be left in cash unless it's an owner operated type place and then fine to leave on the card.

  13. linking up two reservations doesnt turn it into one reservation. Just because its linked, doesnt mean they are then responsible to get you to the final destination of the second flight if the first is cancelled.

  14. You can often go to a real travel agent and get multiple tickets on a single reservation though. Often worth the cost

  15. Oh I agree, before working for an airline, thats what I usually would do. However Klutzy-Citron3042 is suggesting that if you buy two separate tickets, then all you have to do is call the airline after the fact to link the two together and have them be 'one reservation' as though you had paid more for a continuous reservation (with the protections that would include). and thats not the case.

  16. It can be very different for checking luggage and getting help in case of missing a flight

  17. So you have two major issues for demand from N. America right now. First is the obvious reopening means a lot of people want to go that haven't been able to go the last couple years.

  18. Rare for me to see unknown words in the Mini:

  19. The real skill of knowing Spanish and French.... crosswords

  20. Can someone how the clue Rent (13D) is TORE?

  21. I do not believe rended is preferred anywhere. Rent seems to be both the past tense and the participle, on either side of the pond.

  22. I can't find any resources saying one way or another. Just that both are acceptable. But I would personally use the ed for past and t for participle like burned/burnt dreamed/dreamt etc...

  23. If you can get an OHGEE you could use "Aw shucks" as a clue

  24. Poland-Norway pipeline operator sweating profusely....

  25. It would be infinitely more provocative to attack intra-NATO infrastructure, even in international waters compared to one linking Russia and and a NATO country.

  26. 25+ in the Baltics, these are rookie numbers.

  27. You are aware Netherlands and Germany are different countries, right?

  28. I have some HEB Cajun if you want. I'll be going back soon so I'm happy to exchange for a beer

  29. Speaking from my own personal experience, I'd prefer the lib dems, I don't like labour at the moment. However, voting labour is the best possible chance of getting the tories out which is the sad reality.

  30. I get that marginal seats matter and there are certainly some people who at least in the last election didn't like the Tories but certainly didn't mind them over Labour (if I were a Brit, where I would have been) so felt fine voting Lib Dem as a protest vote that now need to vote strategically.

  31. A shame we don’t get the Aussie words (non a)

  32. I learned about the latter when I was going through Kuta.

  33. It sounded the same to me as every year, like millions of dollars being wasted.

  34. They generally need to be flying anyway and this is part of general training. Basically money that would have to be spent to keep the forces up to speed anyway. At least for the airplanes. Probably a bit different for the ground parade.

  35. But you sign on to the idea that you will move to the Euro.

  36. Yes but it's so clearly with a wink and a nod with no intention to ever comply and no intention of enforcement

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