1. Also shit, if it lasted that long for Ejiro how long has Raheem's Interview last and also why was Saturday's so fucking short?

  2. "So Jeff, who would you bring in for your staff?"

  3. I feel like things are about to snowball in favor of Raheem getting the job.

  4. Hopefully we play them in Week one or two!

  5. My biggest issue is that he lied to everyone's face when he said, "If I'm not any good, I'll say God bless you and be on my way." He sucked in front of everyone and now he thinks he deserves the job. Now, he's needing to plead with everyone to vouch for him. It is extremely gross.

  6. So if the Bengals win that means we can’t interview Callahan again until after the SB? Am I understanding this right?

  7. Good question. Because we have already interviewed Callahan that means we can do a second round of interviews regardless of whether the Bengals win or lose this Sunday.

  8. Thanks for clarifying bc that would’ve sucked if we could get all 2nd interviews out of the way and have to wait almost 3 weeks for Callahan.

  9. Good call on Ventrone. I bet he was impressive in his interview.

  10. The candidates we are bringing in for second interviews are those who have second interviews elsewhere too (Quinn and Evero).

  11. Thanks! This is so important and nothing against Breer personally, BUT based on his previous colts take regarding the HC Job his next ones should be taken with an huge grain of salt. Even if Ballard really loved Johnson, they didn’t even request for Harbaugh…

  12. Benjamin Allbright was also incorrect then. It's difficult to get a good read on what the Colts will do. Irsay wants one thing and Ballard wants the opposite. No one knows who will win.

  13. It would be hilarious if they still hired Saturday.

  14. We have different definitions of 'hilarious'

  15. Also, Irsay believes Saturday should be given a chance at the full-time job BUT Irsay will (presumably) remain open-minded during this process.

  16. Brian Callahan is the move. Indy ties and has been around a ton of great quarterbacks.

  17. Imagine a racist getting their license plate and it reads "BLM"

  18. Colts get: #1 Bears get: #4, #79, R1 (2024), and Kenny Moore

  19. I imagine Chris Ballard is interviewing all these people so he can show Irsay how many better candidates there are than Saturday lmao

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