The issue about Blac Chyna, her children and custody

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  1. Or maybe frustrated that she was asking a million questions and not dispatching help. Maybe the dispatcher could have let him know that help was already on the way. Who knows. I tend to believe Anthony Cook and Morgan Doughty who both said that Paul was very close to her and would have never harmed her.

  2. I agree with a lot of this. Are people forgetting how physically and verbally violent this dude could be toward other people? His own friends?

  3. His girlfriend. Who taught Paul that it’s ok to slap women around?

  4. Patrice was funnier. Even Artie knows that

  5. It’s not even a post but people calling Kris Khrislaine will always get me. I saw someone say Khlocaine today. The creativity in this sub kills me lmao

  6. What is everyone's obsession with heaping praise on biracial babies specifically? It's odd.

  7. It’s a kind of fetishization that fits neatly into white supremacy. Mixed kids can be gorgeous, but it’s inappropriate to fixate on a baby’s “lewks.” Stupid, everyday, low key racist shit. Check the fool next time, they need to be corrected

  8. she was going out to premieres and openings alone a lot at the time so this is reasonable. There's a whole crew of people at any given time who productions and party planners call and invite i to events like this in NYC at all times and this is true for all big cities like LA or London.

  9. Why does she always have that "I'm about to get pissed if nobody acknowledges me" look on her face?

  10. She doesn’t. Beth’s mind numbingly normal and fairly polite to everyone. She used to go to more shows to be seen, but she’s good with just being a wealthy beard these days. How many of yous have saved a cat with no eyes! Your wife is probably FAT! /s

  11. The comic stylings of Mike Bocchetti. Is this a free event?

  12. Yeah, but when you want to get a good night's sleep and EVERY nigth there is a dick poking you in the back..... nah......

  13. As a woman, that sounds like a hell no. One is enough, sometimes too much.

  14. Lollll can they do a reality show where they come take the husband away, and the wife lives her best life? I would watch the hell out of that

  15. Maralee IRL looks like Khloe before the deadbeat surgeries. I think he is the kind of guy who only goes for sex and that’s it. The way Khloe sounds hurt, he may have sold her the dream only to break her heart later. I don’t think he has a type if someone is willing to lay down then he goes for it.

  16. ML had work done. Ugh I sound like a misogynist, but the girl is busted irl. Tristan likes trashy glamour model/trainer type hoes with a face full of surgery. Reminds me of when Jose Canseco went in on ARod for his penchant for cheating with blonde fitness model types—over JLo!

  17. I’d love to try their Koke and see if it’s like a million times better than mine

  18. Haha well Chuc mung Nam moi to u too em or chi—meo meo! 🐈🎊

  19. Misogynoir. Chyna is far from perfect, but we know exactly why ppl are eager to believe the absolute worst. I really hope she is the best mom she can be. Those kids need it

  20. It’s so crazy watching her the first handful of seasons in KUWTK and how vastly different she looks. She was so smiley and happy. Now all we see is this

  21. It’s all fun and games when you’re an over indulged, latchkey khild. Gets kRazY when you choose your kArTrashian plastic face

  22. Actually there is something creepy about it. We all have our dark sides and we all keep up appearances to some degree.

  23. Yea most psychotics (we don’t have good descriptors for mental illness) are not able to keep it together enough to slickly flirt out of police custody. Or keep friends like Melanies, and other “crazies” in preparing a people. Even “keeping”Chad to some degree—who is also a psychopath. But I don’t think Chad is as crazy as Lori. He’s been in jail for years now. I’m sure he’s gonna try to throw her under the bus. Whenever his trial happens (which will take place before Lori’s?)

  24. Lori's trial will happen before Chad's because Lori "waived her right to a speedy trial", whereas Chad did not. Something along those lines. So, they were initially meant to be tried together, but now this will not happen.

  25. Kimothy needs to have a khrysalis moment in this thing

  26. She had sex with a rich NBA Fuckboy and didn’t use any protection or get plan b afterwards. And she absolutely knew that he was with Khloe…because Khloe tagged him that night on his birthday post at the party Khloe threw for him. I feel bad that Tristan is a shitty deadbeat Dad to Theo… the kid is a result of his parents actions. Tristan cheated and Maralee was a groupie side chick who thought she could steal him from Khloe. Hey… Khloe hooked up with him when Tristan’s ex Jordan was pregnant too! How you get them is how you lose them.

  27. How irresponsible, (however calculated) to bring a baby into this shitshow of thirsty, damaged rubes. Kids don’t ask to be born. This bih needs to take the 30k a month a build a stable life for her son

  28. She looks like she's had work done. And she has the thicc lips.

  29. lmao who else knew which girl they were talking about when you read fashion nova

  30. I did not. But Fashion NOva m0dEL signals cheap, petite, and indiscrete for me

  31. Oh god my mom hikes her dog here quite a bit

  32. Wow, this was during WW2, and Mussolini the fascist, nazi bootlicker was in power. Propaganda!

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