AITAH for not helping my girlfriend when she sprained her ankle?

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AITA for walking out of a restaurant on my GF?

Are you being serious right now?

To pay respects.

A smol, delicate danger noodle.

The process of taking a painful L

*Lowers face into palm*

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

Hold up, what was that?


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  1. INFO: What actually happened when you got fired? I think this is important in order to judge.

  2. And in case anyone doesn’t know this fraudulently claiming paid sick time for a vacation is essentially theft.

  3. YTA. You had a very sweet generous deal and you got selfish and greedy. Enjoy living with your mother.

  4. Soft YTA. Your mistake was in not just replacing the book, then letting her know what happened. Asking implies that replacing something you ruined is an optional replacement. By offering to replace the book she probably felt obligated to say oh no don’t worry about it. The fact that she’s talking about it to others make her YTA too.

  5. I’m reading anemia, terminal and cancer of the esophagus. With this type of cancer (particularly back 1945) there could well be low grade internal bleeding which would cause anemia. This could well be terminal.

  6. I always do the math before any purchase

  7. YTA. You blame your ex-wife for not telling you that she didn’t want children, yet you admit that you just “assumed” she would. Assuming means you never asked. You blame your ex even though she did everything and more that a noncustodial parent could be expected to (which I think admirable). I’m guessing she may well have tried to tell you and you didn’t listen, so certain you were in you assumptions.

  8. My aunt had a ruptured aortic aneurysm. After a week on a ventilator and no significant brain activity we made the decision to take her off life support. It was very pain, but we absolutely knew we were making the right decision. It was hard watch her body stop once the machines stopped. I think it might have been an hour or so.

  9. I live in the west coast and hadn’t gotten up. My husband it on the news and told me. Only one plain had hit when I started watching, the second tower got hit shortly afterwards. In many ways that day is etched on my brain.

  10. That isn’t a rat it’s a squirrel. Lots of YouTube videos about people’s efforts to prevent squirrels from accessing their bird feeders. They’re amusing though pretty no one has succeeded. I’ve just learned to live with them.

  11. We call the gray striped cutie patooties.

  12. Boy oh boy, I’m thinking your instinct is spot on. If only for the investing your money prior to the marriage, which I’m guessing means giving it to him to invest as he sees fit. He starts out controlling and it just goes on and on from there.

  13. YTA. The cardinal rule of being a guest is don’t eat all the food! This isn’t “food shaming” this is being a poor guest and not reading the room. You weren’t being polite? You were being greedy. 7 pieces of cake and taking home more! Wow!

  14. NTA. Your girlfriend of 5 months is pretty audacious to expect what is essentially $1000 (an all expenses paid) “gift” for a first anniversary that isn’t for over 6 months. She’s just given you a snapshot of your life together. You pay and pay and pay. She takes and takes and takes.

  15. You just reminded me that I have a huge bag of these somewhere that I inherited. Now I have a use for them. :P

  16. Legally your doctor cannot refuse provide you with a copy of your medical record. Check what the laws say in your state. In my state a healthcare provider has 10 business days to provide the records based on a valid request. The request must be in writing, must include the records requested, to who the records are to be released, and the purpose of the release. I believe this is also covered under HIPPA.

  17. I used to “overreact”to pain in the ankle and fell a lot. Turns out I fractured it years before. Since it was never treated it set wrong, thus it hurt a lot and was weak so I turned it a lot.

  18. I’m kinda thinking this whole argument is a bit more. So I’m going really like TA.

  19. YTA. Did you supply ever single person on the plane with complimentary ear plugs? You were a horrible parent and a horrible passenger. Kids cry we all get it, and maybe you did everything you could. What you failed to do was apologize to everyone around you who were forced to listen to your child scream for over 6 hours. You were frustrated, but he’s your kid and you choose to get on a plane with a toddler. Every other person on that plane did not choose to fly with a screaming toddler. And you’re surprised when the person directly in front of their child finally said something.

  20. YTA. You made a crude crass joke about your girlfriend’s vagina and then you topped your awful behavior by storming off like a 2yo, your girlfriend stranded at nigh. Did I miss any further asshattery?

  21. Please contact the national domestic abuse hotline. They can help

  22. All the toys and things together were worth around $100. I'll admit Liz's sketch pad wasn't nearly as much, more dollar store type, so yes I do understand them feeling upset and having the gifts given out in front of everyone. Kate went off at mom because she said she shouldn't have given gifts out in front of everyone and Liz was hurt, and then mom made the comment that Liz should go ask her real dad for a "better" gift.

  23. YTA. Your mother made a deliberate choice to hurt you step/daughter, publicly, and you didn’t say one word. You then didn’t say anything when she said to ask her father, you know the dead one, if she wanted a better gift.

  24. YTA. Who exactly are you to tell anyone they cannot kiss their brother on the cheek? This is a perfectly normal behavior. What’s isn’t a perfectly normal behavior is feeling entitled to issue orders your boyfriend’s sister. You do not own your boyfriend. If you want to keep you boyfriend it might be a good idea to ixnay on the whole ordering thing. You’re not the bloody queen.

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