1. Jo he to kvuli tomu jak na zapade jsou hodne zapadní firmy

  2. Na východě teda mají ouška?

  3. Viděli jste někdy francouzskou mládež? Tohle není francouzská mládež

  4. My god, you scared (and scarred) me

  5. Ayup, have you found friends yet?

  6. That is amazing, how have been your 10 years in Prague?

  7. If you were represented by my cat, and I was representing being ugly, than nothing would change, I wouldn't ever see my cat, let alone touch it.

  8. Don't be mean, while doing so he is fully aware that there is no chance of that happening ever

  9. Who the fuck writes morse like that? That is savagery and idiocy

  10. Were those at lest men's restrooms?

  11. Where would we commit such heinous acts? And on whom?

  12. How come there is so much light at midnight?

  13. Hey, if you're basic, do you want some lemonade? (it is an acid)

  14. můžu leda tak nabídnout útěchu, že se to tu skoro dá přežít

  15. klidně mi můžeš brečet do DMs bude li třeba

  16. I met a traveller from a far antique land

  17. Oh... Europe is quite warm as well, no snow here... Makes me a little sad

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