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  1. Your profile is fine! It's a numbers game. Keep active on your profile and girls who are into the same things you are will find you. Blacksmith? Fucking awesome. Don't give up.

  2. You don't pick people because they are into the same things as you, you pick them because they have the same values. My girlfriend is into all sorts of stuff that I don't care about but we do have some things in common and our values are 100% aligned.

  3. I picked my fiancé initially because we had a lot of things in common, as was on his profile. There's nothing wrong with showing what your passionate about, especially if it excites you/is important to you. Maybe he wants someone he can share his hobbies with?

  4. Krenzel was a game manager. He’s not even close to the best QB Ohio State has had. Your nostalgia is showing.

  5. When I read top, I think best. I guess it all depends on how you interpret the word top.

  6. I read "Top" as you can have 5 QBs lead a game-winning drive, or start a 3rd quarter down 5, needing a win.

  7. the only questions you need to ask someone is: "What are you looking for?" and "Do you want to go on a date?"

  8. 30 and looking for "Dont know" lazy photos at bad angles. Pretty cringe man. Do better

  9. I wonder how many CEOs are in WSB secretly pumping their shit company so they can cash in and bounce

  10. 44 year old and in shape, you will be swimming in mid to late 20's ass if you want it

  11. recreating reddit threads that seem to get posted every 2-3 days.

  12. But if they're your spouse you can lose the whole house. In a forced sale, you at least get half of the money.

  13. Not unless you have a spectacularly shitty lawyer. The house as an asset becomes part of the general disclosure and generally if someone "loses the house" it is due to a situation like where you have a breadwinner and a housewife with 3 kids and limited education and the court sees fit that she keeps the whole thing but that generally comes with tradeoffs on the other end like her not taking as much of his retirement or other cash.

  14. But if your spouse dies, don't you have to deal with her heirs too?

  15. Not unless she had some power of attorney that stated otherwise. The estate of the dead spouse would go to the surviving spouse including their property, assets, liabilities and retirement accounts and this is generally almost instantaneous vs trying to do this with a person who isn't a common law spouse or where there's no explicit legal definition of what that person meant to your life.

  16. I don't care. Whether you're conservative, liberal, moderate, or politically agnostic, there are bigger and more pressing issues than what happens to Orange Man.

  17. So much negativity here for him. I think he’s an excellent player. He’s improved a lot and gets it down the pitch so fast when given the opportunity. Not seen many players that can do that the way he can.

  18. Its not so much negativity but realizing the kind of player he is. When you're fighting to stay up, he's Ronaldinho quality. When you're a team that wants to challenge for Europe, he has to play a certain part, otherwise the top quality teams will simply just shut him down and it will be 11v10

  19. playing till the ball is tapped in IS the pace of play. If you aren't terrible you don't need to worry if there is something way to hit. You play the game that's meant to be played.

  20. 3 mins to find each ball is legal as well. So is returning to the tee box if you can't find your shot and suspect it is OB. So is holing out every single putt.

  21. The way that QYLD sells covered calls if theres a big market correction at 19 he's also screwed if he has been dripping. It literally owns the Nasdaq and sells covered calls it is as exposed to a market crash as QQQ is. You only want to hold QYLD if you are taking the income imo

  22. I (37M) have a portfolio that is heavy in QYLD, RYLD, XYLD that's -6% YTD. SPY is -14% in the same timeframe. The descent is softened when you're collecting dividends on the way down.

  23. You are cherry picking. If the op invests broad market vti and allows it to grow up until they are ready to retire they will be much better off. Even if the market plunges that much they will STILL be ahead of qyld at that point. In that case it’s perfect because they can buy qyld nice and low. Vti or sp500 vastly outperforms qyld over the long term and recovers much quicker. There is no scenario where qyld is better long term besides using it along the way if you are already semi retired IMO. The bigger bag is pretty much always the winner. Use the bag to buy the income when it’s time…

  24. We've never said what we are, not FWB either. I'd like a relationship, but if he doesn't want that for some reason, i'm also okay with remaining the way it is as long as i get some clarity about the way he feels.

  25. "Hey Billy, We've been doing our thing for almost a year now and if I'm behind honest, I'm reaching a point where I'd like to pursue something that's meaningful. There's a lot about you that you like and I wanted to see how you feel about it."

  26. I dont do calls. Im balls deep in shares, with my cost basis being 6.06. Im still way up, but damn my account looked good yesterday lol.

  27. Bought $6.50 calls last week, exercised em, sold at $11.20, then bought shares at $10 and have been selling CC's against those.

  28. I'd say by 2nd or 3rd date, you do "split" activities like dinner and drinks somewhere else, or a movie and ice cream. If she doesn't at least start offering to pick up or split things, you either have a conversation or move on.

  29. I often feel like I'm being too "demanding" and maybe too uptight. I remember that it took me a while to warm up to my ex in college (we had some classes together), so I was wondering if those signs didn't actually mean anything bad and I was just being petty about stuff

  30. I mean, he smokes, he doesn't allow you to jump in to conversation and you feel uneasy around him because of how loud he is. Sounds like a lot of flags, more so than you're just being uptight about preferences.

  31. Was there anything good about him and honestly - what's your question?/

  32. Everyone who bought $6.50 calls last week is partying naked and rang up the register like they should have

  33. No idea but the cat eye makeup is a bit of a turnoff.

  34. I get what you are saying, but I feel like it is unprecedented in the modern era, for ESPN to be entirely cut off from a power conference like this. In the past, it made sense to hype up B1G games on FOX, because they still broadcast a bunch of of the conference's games every season, so they wanted fans to follow that conference.

  35. My 8/5/22 $6.50 calls printed and the 8/12/22 $11.00 calls that I'm selling for $100 each are just as spicy.

  36. I (37M) went out with a girl who was also 37 on a few dates. We talked about our dating past and eventually became acquaintances for mutual reasons. She mentioned she spent her 20's having ridiculously high standards and would jettison good guys for completely nonsensical reasons. Her "Standards" were really just barriers that held her back.

  37. Plenty more women regret settling for shit men, and suffer in unhappy relationships or marriages and waste their 20s and 30s, or god forbid, their entire life. But nice strawman to make yourself feel better whenever women mention having standards

  38. If only there was some difference between settling for "Shit men" and having physical, financial, emotional, and superficial standards that narrow your venn diagram of available partners to a pinprick.

  39. I was a cell tower technician and drove 40,000/yr in a Toyota Tacoma with a Roll-n-lock lockable cover for my bed. Advice is to get something economical, comfortable, and reliable.

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