1. She’s gorgeous but I have laughed way too hard over your title typo

  2. Teachers will just lie and act like they never heard or saw whatever it was. "Oh, is that what that means?"

  3. I’m a teacher in NC. This is exactly what will happen.

  4. If it’s someone else’s cat, why not get a cat of your own?

  5. This question has been asked dozens of times before so if you search this sub for "first time cruiser" you will get loads of great information.

  6. If you decide you want to book a dinner in one of the premium restaurants or take a shore excursion thru the line , consider booking those a month+ in advance, popular tours and time slots will fill up.

  7. We booked our excursions yesterday. The cruise is in July.

  8. Inhaling smoke too long is dangerous. It can cause the person to pass out, ultimately dying because they can’t get out.

  9. Teacher here, and my son is autistic. Do you have an IEP? If so, call an IEP meeting and have it written that you can skip pep rallies. That’s a legally binding document and they will have to provide you with an alternate place to be.

  10. I know I have one I just don’t know what mine is for really

  11. An IEP gives you protection for your situation, whatever it might be. My son’s IEP allows him to leave the classroom and go to a “calm down” place when he feels overwhelmed. IEPs can also guarantee extra time on tests, accommodations for your situation, etc.

  12. I’m sorry you’re going through this. I can’t even imagine the hell your MIL is making your life.

  13. My husband and I tried to adopt but we were told we didn’t make enough money. We are both teachers.

  14. I’m a teacher. I’m tired of pushing “everyone needs to go to college to be successful .” So now I tell my students about trade jobs and other alternatives to college.

  15. Would you be interested in substitute teaching while you’re figuring out your next step? We always need subs and you could choose how many days a week to work.

  16. As a teacher of first graders, I was trying to say “popcorn.” Only instead of saying popcorn, I said “cockporn.”

  17. I really like the pigtails! You’d also look great in a pixie or bob hairstyle.

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