The Armed Forces of Ukraine have a high morale and are confident of victory. With you guys, we will surely win our freedom! Glory to Ukraine!

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  1. Set the missile timers for after the ceremony, or during?

  2. Lyman sweater weather... rain in 6 of next 7 days...... nights 40's

  3. Russians keep fantasizing about giving Ukrainians a cold winter with no heat. I wonder if they realize this means their own soldiers will freeze?

  4. That would require the ATACMS missile, I think. They don't have this (yet).

  5. Shall they stall until after Putin's annexation speech, then finish them?

  6. why dont this reservist just throw Lukashenko out the window.

  7. He's actually in far more danger than Putin if Belarussians are forced to mobilize.

  8. Would Poland intervene if Belarus also invades Ukraine though?

  9. It has to come from an fsb agent, or a group of them.

  10. I'm not encouraging violence or anything, but if for some reason these people were scared for their lives when carrying out the task of serving summonses then maybe fewer summonses would be handed out.

  11. I am from Kazakhstan and we don’t hate Russians we just don’t like their politicians. A lot of people I know are helping them to move and escape mobilization as we understand that not all Russians support this war.

  12. Be careful. If russia holds a referendum in your land, those russians you are letting in will wave russian flags.

  13. I'm starting to believe the recent articles claiming putin is very concerned.

  14. I'm fine with peace talks after every last russian soldier is 200 or 300. EVERY LAST ONE.

  15. I have the answer to that. The answer is: They won't. Ever.

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