1. Right but it also lets people that hate Edelgard just say whatever they want and have no push back. One person says that despite dying in several other ways, Dimitri canonically should only die if he commits suicide in another comment (completely unironic) which makes it impossible to tell if they're joking about Edelgard doing Duscur or really just that stupid

  2. Someone also said that Edelgard wants to kill everyone with a crest, which is a very strange interpretation of wanting to end the church’s control of information and technological advancement.

  3. It's a cardinal sin to let people of the same sex have the hand in marriage. Birds are fine, as long as it's not the same sex!

  4. I feel like the meme means that the BF jacked off

  5. There is a high-pitched whistling sound as it moves through the air; when close to it, you can hear its labored, guttural wheezing. It looks like it flies. If so, you can hear heavy wingbeats (if it’s like a bird’s flight) or the

  6. That might not be a problem, depending on how close OP is with their coworkers. It could also be a different addiction or illness.

  7. Clothes don’t have inherent gender. I’m a trans woman and I really like wearing suits.

  8. I also disagree with the mutilation of the genitalia of intersex infants.

  9. Alright, so what are some interesting ways to limit Creation and/or Destruction magic then?

  10. Its not really binary, its more of a spectrum. There are hybrid systems where elements from both sides are incorporated. The more rules there are regarding magic the harder the system is

  11. Sanderson himself has said that his Magic systems are generally 80% hard.

  12. Sandersons text about soft and hard dont only apply to his books

  13. I’m aware, I was contributing to your point about it being a spectrum.

  14. Can anyone explain to me why “folx” Is spelled with an X when “folks” is already gender neutral?

  15. I'm trans. I'm sorry if that triggers you, it's not my intention. "Gender is a costume" is my way of dealing with my trans identity. For me gender is so internal and clothes, the costume, changes it even if that's not our internal intention. Because our world defines gender by the outward costumes clothes and indicators, no matter what I do I'll be perceived by the costume I wear.

  16. I feel like this could be a joke that a trans person would make if not for the “into pronouns” line.

  17. His wife the only woman that actually enjoys 69

  18. considering he has an extra penis on his head that tracks

  19. Seems to check out for Lawful Neutral/Evil. Good seems a bit strange, though.

  20. its sus because the guys name is loonas husband. and he keeps making posts about her. so yea, it is kinda weird

  21. Hey, now, schizophrenia doesn’t make you bigoted. It is poor taste to use it as an insult. You can’t control it. Bigotry is so much worse.

  22. I’ve heard the first quote credited to Debussy, before. Is that incorrect?

  23. The only good KKK member is a dead one

  24. I’m asexual so that means that I can be attracted to men and women and that I’m not gay.

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