1. Agreed it was pretty boring. The Polly situation was handled well but after that it was mostly about Tommy's personal problems. Arthur was always my favorite character in the show and I hate how he was portrayed as a loser in season 6. Especially that scene with the warehouse manager, how lame was that.

  2. Agreed, all characters were related too Tommy's character which ultimately made his character looks awesome, but when director made every character fucked up Tommy's character effected too

  3. Who takes the pictures then?

  4. It was post released in China

  5. Remind me of the movie "the night at the museum"

  6. I am doing this for 3 days 😂

  7. I'd start on normal mode not journey as the temptation to 'cheat' would be too great. Chop trees and build a house before night fall. Go to the wiki and get used to visiting it a lot. The is literally tons to learn and discover so be prepared for the long haul.

  8. Thank you, Chop tree and building a shelter is a great tip for me as a beginner

  9. There is wiki for terarria?

  10. Got it bro, I will go there. It seems like a fun game

  11. Thank you :) So that's all about the game? Or there are other things too which I might missing?

  12. I saw your post two days ago where your first sentence was literally: "I'm a PTI supporter ".

  13. Exactly, it is coming from both sides. So what do you think we are going as a nation? Tell me one thing which is trending in Pakistan other than politics?

  14. There are few good people in the system, but the bad overcomes them too

  15. See that button on the bottom left of your screen? Change it to aim only for your building materials

  16. Couldn't find it, sorry I am very new to game. So you tell me how it looks

  17. Looks like a small target button, just like the one you use to aim with

  18. Got that, thank you so much for the help :)

  19. Yes, I visited that land/area many times before DHA and after DHA too. There were a lot of mango gardens there it was totally an agricultural land, but here comes the DHA. I agree that people sold their land by their choice but can you refuse DHA and high rates? No

  20. Thanks for sharing. It's really heartbreaking because we can't do much to stop this and one would hope people in such high positions of power should know better than be blinded by greed.

  21. Man seriously, it really hurts to see those trees go :(

  22. I tried KitKat from the USA, it was 100 times better then the KitKat available in Pakistan

  23. I mean top 10 is different for each person.

  24. I didn't understand after "be" but the goat are cutest

  25. Can 4chan be accessed in Pakistan?

  26. Yes, 8chan was banned as far as i rmr.

  27. I think the government doesn't know about reddit, they will ban it too. 😂

  28. In the US it was part of the right to vote push in the 70s. The issue was that kids younger than 21 were being drafted to fight in Vietnam, but they had no say in electing people who made such decisions. After a push by young people (boomers), they lowered the voting age to 18 and that became the legal adult ages for most everything.

  29. But why? Is being 18 justify that you are wise enough, I have seen assholes older than 30s

  30. Man there may be serial killer

  31. I swear number 1 really grinds my gears. Littering is not even considered to be a bad thing in our country, and we have to build a strong narrative against it.

  32. Yes littering is normal in Pakistan, when on the road I see many people driving luxury cars and throwing out the bottles and packets on the road. This really makes my angry sometimes

  33. It seems like "Sifai nifs Imaan hai" is only limited to within the walls of our homes.

  34. At some places not even for homes it is only limited to yourself sadly.

  35. I have heard some people say that they should have bought dollars also people earning in dollars can be happy, but trust me it is worse. Actually the economy and Market in Pakistan works strangely. When there is a 2 rupees increase in dollars everything else increases 10 rupees because of that 2 rupees.

  36. Well, isn't that true. The economy is ruined in these 3.5 years more than the past govts.

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