1. It really isn’t a lot of jobs. I live near the base. The plan post-indy is to make it the Scottish defence forces HQ. It’ll likely have more jobs there eventually. The nuclear subs are a small part of that pie, and one we can all be better off without.

  2. Well to be fair, there is always the yard they were built in, up in Scotland.

  3. That's got severe tidal and wind restrictions to enter and leave.

  4. There's a P and Q on the aft end of their flight decks

  5. Have they improved from last year then? Because I recall reading that the new American system on their Ford class carriers were supposed to have 4,000 launches before failures, but only managed about 200.

  6. Can anyone point out what each of the 4 bridges do? ie which one has the Captain, Air Boss, Admiral etc? I am assuming the Captain is on the 2nd from the top, the ones where the windows stretch the full width of the island.

  7. Pfft, a single island is so 20th century! It's all about the twin islands now!

  8. Nothing that's in the public domain at the moment.

  9. She's heading over to the US on WESTLANT22 later this year to conduct more trials with the F-35Bs.

  10. It was a BBC documentary. They wouldn’t just make it up, right?

  11. Unless Jeremy Clarkson knew something the MoD and Royal Navy didn't, then I'd suggest he may have made it up.

  12. The british MOD had multiple back and forth about installing catapults, last one in 2021. So it is plausible that it may have under discussion in the late 90s.

  13. Different design philosophies with different goals and considerations in mind. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Ski-jump carriers (also know as STOBAR or STOVL) are cheaper to build and easier to operate. The drawback is that the planes have to be light, which means the airframe itself has to be light, and the aircraft can't take off with a ton of heavy weapons or fuels tanks. This makes them less effective. Addtionally, STOBAR carriers can't support propeller airplanes such as the E-2 Hawkeye or C-2 Greyhound, which means those roles can only be filled by helicopters which are far more limited in their capabilities. If money and simplicity is your concern, a STOBAR or STOVL carrier is the way to go.

  14. Looks like a machine from Thunderbirds

  15. Perhaps not to you, but I've stated more than once in this thread that the problem with Corbyn's proposal is that it would result in a Cyprus / Korea / Ireland like scenario.

  16. Well how long would Ukraine have lasted without Western support?

  17. The steam making equipment takes up space and adds weight, meaning you have to give up the space allocated for something else like ship's stores, magazine space or fuel bunkerage, all of which have knock effects on resupply. They were also never designed for steam cats, so it would have meant stopping construction (and possibly scrapping parts of the Queen Elizabeth) while they were redesigned.

  18. They flopped at the design stage. We made a carrier incompatible with most US Navy aircraft locking us into a smaller, more expensive, and less capable choices. Biggest vulnerability being they can't launch the fixed wing early warning craft the US uses, so must rely on helicopters with radars taped on for protection.

  19. There are 3 variants of the F-35:

  20. Depends how many panels you've damaged. When I did something similar, I went via insurance as it was £6k through a BMW dealership

  21. The rear passenger door panel , the bottom trim and a slight dent in the rear arch? The paints intact as the bollard was coated in plastic.

  22. This was the damage I did

  23. Ah yes the defense contractor boondoggle. The carrier is so expensive that Britain can’t afford to put a fully equipped air group on it. US marines F-35 are an integral part of the air group.

  24. The first take an F-35B had ever taken off from HMS Queen Elizabeth

  25. Officers have the Wardroom, Senior Rates have their Mess and Junior Rates have a Mess Desk in each accomodation complex

  26. Always assumed it would just be utilitarian and functional, I was under the impression that you couldn't drink when at sea - I'm obviously wrong, and I know the historical tropes, but I had assumed that had changed in modern times.

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