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  1. My for-funzies prediction on one way this could shake out:

  2. As mentioned, most discussion and coordination is in the MichiganWolverines discord:

  3. Yeah we can start moderating the posts more. I'll try to keep everything related in a mega thread.

  4. I used to live in Indianapolis where some people fly the

  5. I'm no longer a student but I graduated with a BSI in 2019, still live in AA, and work as a software developer.

  6. Hi, thank you so much for your comment + ability to help! I am new to Reddit, but I am going to send you a private message to connect more about this project. Thanks!

  7. Hi, not sure if I ever got a message from you, let me know if I missed it!

  8. Game over - please continue discussion of the game and subsequent controversy in the

  9. Not overly high res but here’s one my friend took at the end of the game

  10. I visited / called a bunch of places and couldn’t find any tests.

  11. I was just recently at a game, proof of vaccination is not necessary. Masks are required and, if you forget, are being handed out right after scanning your ticket. I never saw any enforcement of masks but it seemed that most everyone wore one throughout the game.

  12. How would you advise on public transportation for those arriving by plane?

  13. I believe there is a rapid line connecting to the airport that is being planned / built but it will be years before opening. I would suggest uber / lyft -- it shouldn't be too expensive as the airport is only ~10 miles from downtown.

  14. Been a fan since 2013. Became a student in 2015. First time seeing a win against OSU. Feels good :)

  15. Amazing win! Default sort changed from 'new' to 'best'. Make sure to checkout the

  16. If you told me a single game has had more ads than this one I wouldn’t believe you.

  17. As the author of the subreddit wiki I'll admit the information could be inaccurate. Both because some of it was crowdsourced on reddit and because most of it was written prior to the 2019 season.

  18. Pinning this thread, use it for discussing the MSU-OSU game.

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