1. Any recommendations for moves? And I'm just waiting on an elite charged tm for meteor mash, they're a pain to get.

  2. The optimal moves can be found on pvpoke.com under the ml rankings

  3. shiny odds are species specific, the method of obtaining them doesn't change the odds. it is a permaboosted species 1/64 odds from raids, wild, etc.

  4. I agree. They are very lucky, but oneof those four are permaboosted (1/64) and one seems to be medium boosted (1/125). So not nearly as insane the luck you’d need for the lottery

  5. Azumarill from 2018. No idea if I deleted any in the time before the updated appraisals and search features

  6. I have a soft spot for toxapex as hes a lot of fun in the main line games. Throw toxic out and heal while you watch the opposing mon slowly faint.

  7. it's good in great league, hundo/98% is more of a trophy

  8. https://leekduck.com/FindDitto/

  9. host raids on the pokegenie app or add friends on

  10. 1/216, just like any other iv combo from raids

  11. It’s not particularly good in pvp though, so I wouldn’t bother

  12. FYI, you can get your buddy excited without a poffin in about 90 mins if you follow these steps...will be .5 km to get a candy then

  13. I've never had one run , 92/92 (includes some trades of course). use golden berries, throw excellent/great curves with circle lock technique, and be patient. I find it is easier to get excellents on it when it is high up on the the screen. also helps if you have your gold or platinum catch medals for dark and flying

  14. it's because meltan was a promotional gimmick

  15. shiny legendaries from raids are automatic catches as long as you make contact with the throw. so use a pinap

  16. Oh, those odds are surprisingly good. Hopefully we get another raid hour soon

  17. raid hours are every Wednesday 6-7pm

  18. the biggest events of the year already happened, with go fests and johto tour. December is typically just a year-in-review com day event and a winter event. there could always be raid events here and there, but December isn't usually when the big events happen

  19. Still, hundos are always nice at least for the hundo dex

  20. They usually come out through special research once every 3 months or so

  21. Congrats! FYI, Shiny raid legendaries are guaranteed catches as long as you make contact with the throw. Use a pinap for them.

  22. So, fyi, shiny legendaries from raids are automatic catches, as long as you connect with the throw. Use a pinap next time. Congrats

  23. Hat kirlia can’t evolve. Niantic didn’t make it possible. Just how it goes

  24. Spotlight hour, 6-7pm every Tuesday. Announced in in-game news and in the today tab. Check out leekduck.com for events

  25. there are better dark and flying attackers, but if you wanna flex, you got the dust

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