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  1. Nah MKleo will woop these Steve's and it will end all this discussion

  2. I disagree. I hated their commentary and thought it was very Cringe

  3. First off I’d like to say Fuck the saints. They are the one non division team I hate like a divisional team.

  4. Liquid and Moist being the two best teams in the scene is nice

  5. Yes and I matched into competitive speciality at my #1 with 45 interviews. Dm me if any questions friend

  6. Yes. Mkleo is the goat and we need him to restore order

  7. Once again I reiterate tweet is very overrated

  8. You should definitely look up info on YouTube. There is a tutorial in the game that will explain some of the game, but it mentions nothing about how to avoid dying.

  9. Will play it once the entire campaign is done

  10. Glaz is strong i like him, 3 speed and a really good smg as a backup it makes me cream and is a lot more viable now.

  11. Second half of wandavision was SO bad though

  12. We're closely reaching Josh huff hype levels

  13. Who are you six WR’s? Brown, Smith, Watkins, Reagor, Paschal, Ward

  14. Hey there, the same exact thing happened to me on test day for comlex 1 AND comlex 2. I didn't get the end survey for level 2 OR a completion screen saying I successfully finished the exam.

  15. I'm confused is he retiring or going to military then coming back

  16. Military. Unknown if he's returning

  17. It's so funny because you would think with the reaction we get for saying things like this that we were protesting a 7 hour shift.

  18. I'm really surprised Rob wasn't higher in Brawl. He's so clearly better than Pit and DDD. His instant down smash was insane. Good air mobility and recovery. Projectiles were big in brawl.

  19. I think alot of social media defend hurts by saying "look at how amazing of a person and leader he is"

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